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Sunset: "Wait a b*cking Minute! Cadance, aren´t you married?!?"

Shining: "It´s more of an open Marriage to be honest. As long as everypony is okay with it, we don´t care who the other one is seeing."

Flash: "That´s actually...pretty cool."

Cadance: "Thanks. Wanna come home with us?"

Flash: "No."

ANTI-DARK's avatar
1.Waifu stealer
2.Mister steal yo'mare
4.Old Spice turns boys into men (initiate Terry Crews)
5.*SpongeBob scream*
power-nico's avatar
Wow ... I knew that Flash was handsome ... But the...
Acastaneda24's avatar
Oh shit how handsome is he
MiragePotato's avatar
is this an alternate universe where flash is actually loved? or he is dreaming about this, please let it be a dream
X-Force02ranger's avatar
y ahora xq todas quieren con sentry?
Phaedrolous's avatar
In your dreams, Sentry.  You haven't grown enough as a character to ship THAT well.
Ro994's avatar
They're all after him. Totally understandable. I would be too!
:icontwilightrapefaceplz: HE'S JUST SO DELICIOUS 
Chiyawa's avatar
I really want Flash Sentry charm.
meh1428's avatar
I don't feel bad for him in the slightest......cause I hate him
Obeliskgirljohanny's avatar
Oh man, flash I have no idea you can be such a ladies man XD!!!
bobhershey's avatar
The Cutie mark Crusaders whipped up another batch of that love potion/poison again, didn't they?

Applebloom (are your) plz "We...uh...well..."!
Granonis's avatar
Must have slipped it in the main water lines.
Chiyawa's avatar
I'm thinking of the CMC wants to make Cherilee attracted to BigMc and whipped out a charm potion that works for stallion... And Flash accidentally drank it.
HareTrinity's avatar
Haha, I love Celestia and Cadence's moments! :D
Trege100's avatar
This is obviously a result of Flash and Twilight having a falling out and twilight casting the want it need it spell on him as revenge! It all makes sense now.
luki3333's avatar
I accept this headcanon.
mlp-and-smLunaLover's avatar
What is happening? It's hilarious! :dignity-laugh: 
ArthurCrane's avatar
Getting all the mares: not as fun as it sounds.

Help him, Sunset Shimmer! You're his only hope!
Easle-Darkpaws's avatar
Him get death by Snu Snu...
Bendykins's avatar
Flash gets all the mares :o
Kenik13's avatar
Wow this actually adds like 12029% character to Flash. Cool.
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