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[BHB] MLP - Friendship Isnt Canon P2

Random adventures in Equestria.

(Also, my technique is evolving rather quickly; expect differences in each successive page)

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[BHB] MLP - Friendship Isnt Canon P3 by Burning-Heart-Brony

First Page:
[BHB] MLP - Friendship Isnt Canon P1 by Burning-Heart-Brony

Made with love in:
Adobe Photoshop Stamp by SoulTutorial

| °J° ) /') *Brohoof*
MLP is © Hasbro
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That new Hairstyle for Sunset looks so adorable
ANTI-DARK's avatar
Has anyone told you that this looks like you were officially hired by Hasbro to make this?
sapiking's avatar
(was thinking the exact same thing!)
Burning-Heart-Brony's avatar
Lol, you really think so? Glad you dig it! Breaking out the Cintiq to start drawing again. Brohoof! Brohoof 
ANTI-DARK's avatar
NICE!!! I came across your comic and fell in love with the plot, and the little twist it had. (Pinkie pie (The map!) plz I'm still convinced that the first page is the only one that takes place in reality while Twi is asleep.) Especially since most of the fandom still wont give Flash a chance, and the writers seem to have reduced him to background jokes instead of fleshing him out. Reading your comic kind of feels like one of the show writers filling in some of the blanks in his character without approval from the staff. (And taking advantage of the fact that the staff doesn't approve. LOL)
So keep it coming with your future projects, your doing great! Pinkie pie (the Fourth Wall) plz :iconpinkiepiecheckplz:
Phaedrolous's avatar
Dear God; she looks adorable with her hair in a ponytail.
metalsystem761's avatar
It's funny how this ship works.  Almost same color and red and blue goes better than blue, orange, and purple.
Yeah, you know how Twilight can be. I'm sure she'll feel terrible in a few weeks when she notices she's been ignoring you, though.
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It's really good! <3
Animatorsnake's avatar
Well prepare for everyone's ship is about to be crushed, harshly
ArthurCrane's avatar
Dang, Flash is looking good.

Also, we need more adorkable Sunset. 
Epsilon-Chedi's avatar
I love Sunset in the second panel! She looks so adorable! Also, her hair looks lovely :3
MiDanis's avatar
... Pretty much over... Always end something properly before pursuing new dates and relationships.
karkovice1's avatar
Well, you had your chance with him, Twi... :(
Indigo-Steel's avatar
Hmmm...I want to think this will end well, but I can't shake the feeling that Twilight's going to come into the picture, and then we'll have a cat-er, pony fight on our hands!

This looks really good, it actually reminds me of the hard-copy MLP comic!
DJDinoJosh's avatar
I wonder if that happened when he and Sunset got back together...
piplupgoku's avatar
you draw flash so cutee!! ;u; but noooo Twilly loves youuu!!
Tech--Pony's avatar
Ponytails really make ponies cuter somehowSunset Shimmer EqG (clapping) plz 
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