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BHB - April Pear Day

Element of... wut?

Drawn with a Cintiq 22HD
Made with love in Photoshop

| ° マ°)
MLP is © Hasbro

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© 2017 - 2021 Burning-Heart-Brony
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tigreanpony's avatar
Lol, that was cool, oh and welcome back, missed ya.
Burning-Heart-Brony's avatar
Lol, ty. And it's good to see you, Tigs!
HareTrinity's avatar
Ha, I like that the cutie mark is itself! =p
templar127's avatar
Don't listen to it, Derpy!! TIS A LIE you see!!!
Aelzoth's avatar
HAHAHAH.....ha... sorry xD
Looks awesome!... and funny xD
karkovice1's avatar
:iconangryderpyplz: :iconsays3plz: This is the WORST Twilight Sparkle cosplay I've EVER seen...
GryphonStar5678's avatar
Salamanca Pear Icon < And you are clearly the worst Derpy cosplayer I have ever seen.

:iconderpyangryplz: < Why I ato--

Salamanca Pear Icon < What? What are you going to do about it little mare.

*Suddenly the tardis lands on the pear. And Doctor Whooves runs out.*

Doctor Whooves Icon 1 < Derpy, an army of Daleks just attacked Canterlot... and... and.... Wait why am I standing in a puddle of pear puree?
PhoenixFlambe's avatar
Then pinkie is the element of lol, fusion!
Wolf-Apex-Predator's avatar
I don't get it what's Pear day all about?
Burning-Heart-Brony's avatar
Not quite sure. Saw the pear promo gives a badge if one submits into the category, so I did something. I think it's a meme of the past, but I admit this was poorly researched before drawing, haha!
GryphonStar5678's avatar
It was meant as an April Fools Joke. On April Fools Day, DeviantArt celebrated the great pear lord. I'm not joking, but they clearly were.
Brony-Commentator's avatar
Next time I'm high, I'll think of talking pears
Burning-Heart-Brony's avatar
Lol, creepy if ya ask me, not even sure how this pear thing started...
MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Stumped Dunno Shrug 
Burning-Heart-Brony's avatar
Darkagumon2000's avatar
MLP Derpy Emoticon Gif The Element of....WUT?

The Biting Pear Of Salamanca -F2U- EXACTLY.

Derpy Emote icon Oh...........MLP Derpy Hooves (Aww) Plz I don't get it.
Burning-Heart-Brony's avatar
Even Derpy don't get it... Lol!
The Annoying Orange laughing 
caballero-nocturno's avatar
Rexlare's avatar
*Backflips the f**k out of here while screaming like a madman.*

Even Derpy is confused. Magnificent.
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