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A Change of Heart: P9

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"If I can't be loved as a dragon..."

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How did *that* work?
MattX125's avatar
Ever watch the Nutty Professor?
Omnifighter1's avatar
Oh.  Yeah...

Should have referenced TPATF.  The Nutty Professor was not Eddy Murphy's best work.  Particularly the family scenes.  They were so low budget, they couldn't afford other actors, yet they could afford to hire makeup artists and special effects people to layer all the footage together?

My personal Eddy Murphy movie is Dr. Dolittle 2.  I despise 1 for one reason, the exorcism scene.  He was just a kid, why did they assume he was possessed?  Lots of kids talk to their pets, even carry on conversations with them.  That scene was entirely unnecessary and ruined the movie for me.  The thing is, would would have been fine if it'd been played for laughs since the movie was supposed to a comedy - I think, but they took it so seriously!
MattX125's avatar
I watched the original Nutty Professor.  The one that didn't get Rebooted.  19-uh something.
Omnifighter1's avatar
I was born in late December of 1989, so... never heard of it.  Sorry.
MattX125's avatar
Finally got google working for me, 1963 was the original Nutty Professor movie.  It was movie my Dad showed me and my brother.  If Nutty Professor 1963 is available on Netflix I suggest watching it.  Here's a link to a preview… but I'm sure you can find it illegally posted on You-Tube somewhere.
Omnifighter1's avatar
Don't have Netflix.  Never found a reason to pay for it since there was nothing on the site that really caught my attention.  Though, "Legend of Everfree" almost did it. :D

But I'll check out the preview.  Thanks. :)

(After viewing part of it.)

Ah, yes!  Now I remember!  I have seen it.  It was a long time ago.  But I remember the nerd turns into a hunk!  I think I like the original better, too.  Actors aside, the original was a Beauty and The Beast-style story while the remake was a souped-up fat-loss diet with temporary effects and an apparent brain-draining side effect. (I didn't see how that part started.)
MattX125's avatar
You're welcome.  Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas.
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what program do you use to make these comics?
Burning-Heart-Brony's avatar
Manga studio 5. Its a powerful program and is easy to use!
DubStepina's avatar
hmmm I must check it, thanks Hug 
applemartiniii's avatar
it was THAT easy? wtf
catluvr2's avatar
That transformation sequence brought one thing to mind, and only one thing.

The Neverhood.
No ideas why? Here you go.
Just-Call-Me-J's avatar
Twilight :pointr: WHAT DID YOU DO??? :pointl: Spike
"No long am I Spike! Now you shall call me . . . Hair!"

"Wait, no, that's dumb. Can I get a do-over?"
Sturmlion1's avatar
Either he has become a Pony or he's turning into Spikezilla.
madkrayzypony's avatar
It's ALIVE!!! Muahahahaha!
Srimbalo's avatar
Rise of the werepony...
BoneSatellite's avatar
That was a pretty cool transformation scene.
PonkoPudding's avatar
OMG it's sou exciting!! /)*3*(\
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