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A Change of Heart: P6

:rarity: :heart: rvmp Spike Emote

"Spike gets an idea"

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skylanders456's avatar
spike don't you can find a new girl oh dear
Cutepegasister121's avatar
I dunno, I think neither the age or the species are the problem, Spike, she´d treat you like a puppet nonetheless
LiberTeaDrako's avatar
Ballsack100's avatar
SHIT! You beat me to it! Nice one, though. 😄👍
julian0123's avatar
Now that I think about it, Sipke's not crying. He's taking it surprisingly well.
PinkPearlApple's avatar
this page is better since he's confirmed canon to have a rarity plushie
JazzyTyfighter's avatar
I was just about to comment that. I even came back to this comic because of that little tidbit from "Castle Sweet Castle!"
mlpictures's avatar
A Rarity plushie? :)
Do the magic, Spike!
kuronekoking's avatar
Let the magical hijinks ensue!
Leon-Z's avatar
OMG ! that lil' plushie is to die for!! X3!!!
latiaslatiosfan52's avatar
I'll trade you a life-size rarity plushie for a life-size latias plushie.
Remember the last time you messed with magic without Twilight? Remember how it took three princesses all day to clean up that mess? I think she's going to mind.
ChaosDrgon's avatar
... I sense impending shape-shifting spell shenanigans. <_<
Sturmlion1's avatar
The Rarity plush. Molested by a baby Dragon since it was made by the mare who its based on.
Srimbalo's avatar
I know where this is goin.
Mostly-Ponies's avatar
The Rarity plush cracks me up.
Elysian77's avatar
I really really like your interpretation of a "broken heart" Spot on. Not the usual namby Pamby crying and sobbing usual crap. This is the real stuff, Bummed out, little bit of bagging in the eye's. I can almost feel the tight pain in his neck from depression. :DDD
IGawesomesauce's avatar
Very cute, but i think it is more of a problem that rarity is actually an adult, while spike is a baby dragon.
Redfields's avatar
I think that's more of an age issue than appearance
PonkoPudding's avatar
nononononooo I need page 7! (p.<)/
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