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A Change of Heart: P5

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"Spike returns home"

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"Gnight Spike"

Either Twilight forgot the sun is still up or reading make time go by fast? 
4ScarfAce4's avatar
That reference ... brilliant.
ForestStarStudios's avatar
"Broken Heart: Check."
Whisperer-of-Winds's avatar
My, my ^_^
Despite the heartache, I really do like this comic so far!
Come on, Twi, are you really so oblivious to the feelings of your dear adoptive unspecified close younger relative?
Sturmlion1's avatar
Because she totally misses he is broken hearted and down in the dumps. But she has her book and is happy!
H123G's avatar
*SIGH* I hate to be that guy, but... you forgot the wings.
Burning-Heart-Brony's avatar
No, thank you! And I AM that guy... who forgets the wings... lol.

In fact this wasnt the first time, and this is good reason to make a quality control checklist for my comics.

Ive tried to do it visually and busting out one after the other, one tends to glance over a few important details!

Again, thank you for your keen eye! It just makes me happy that youve read it!
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