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A Change of Heart: P2

:rarity: :heart: rvmp Spike Emote

"Spike has the heart, but does he have the courage?"

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MLP is (C) Hasbro
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your style is so darn cute!!! X3!!!!!!!
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you can do it, Spike
Spike, you have got to learn that Rarity simply isn't looking for a man who is ten years younger than her and a different species. She wants her stallions to be stallions.
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Because she isn't planning on using him for her own ends like modeling a dress or looking for gems.
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I have to say the more I see, the more impressed I get.
The level of quality is of that, of a professionally designed and published comic. 
I am guessing that you studied a form of illustration at university? 
Burning-Heart-Brony's avatar
Hehe, thank you!! That means a lot!

No, I didn't study at school (sounds like fun though). I played around with photoshop a few years back, but that's about it, and manga studio is pretty similar.

Just wish I had a wacom tablet back then, though!
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Ya sounds about right for your style :3
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