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A Change of Heart: P13

:rarity: :heart: rvmp Spike Emote

"Let's go to the Summer Festival!"

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| °J° ) /') *Brohoof*

MLP is (C) Hasbro
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NoradTwo's avatar
But Rarity saw through his clever disguise.
Godzilla278's avatar
What the hell is really been ringing weird he
ChouGingaRasen's avatar
... And crushed Spike's head in between her thighs.

Like sparrow eggs...

foldabotZ's avatar
He'd actually like that.
shadowbro1's avatar
wow rarity......took you long enough to put the pieces together..hopefuly
MusicCannon's avatar
LOL i love the ending
PaperMatt202's avatar
I just want to say, Spike as a pony is adorable. :3
Whisperer-of-Winds's avatar
"You little rascal..."

Nice touch ^_^
Sturmlion1's avatar
Its not like it was hard to figure out.
Xemnas-sama's avatar
Oh trust me my friend.

It is in fact for Rarity. XD
Just-Call-Me-J's avatar
She catches on quick.
yellowpikmin88's avatar
it is pretty obvious isn't it
Come on, Spike, at least try to act your current physical age.
FullmetalRainbowDash's avatar
Of course she would see right through it.
I love it! Cant wait for  next one!
lemon-hearts1's avatar
I like spike better as a pony 
sakenskunk's avatar
good I do hope though she does let him down normal too don't get me wrong but I still find the spike rarity thing off.
Bilgewat3r's avatar
Wow this is great artwork so far and that's definitely how I'd imagine Rarity. Great job on everything!
Burning-Heart-Brony's avatar
Thank you! I'm happy you read it! More coming soon...
funbrand's avatar
Oh no! I've hit the latest page! I hate doing this but... I have to use my time machine. See ya guys later!
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