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A Change of Heart: P11

:rarity: :heart: rvmp Spike Emote

"Go get 'em, tiger!"

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so cute <3, i love your art

thedarkmink's avatar
big horse c*** spell would help too lol
riccardiscord's avatar
actually! it's casanova not casssssanova <.< i'm italian so...i know what it means :v
There goes the happiest little dragon.
...Uh, pony?
...Well, he's the happiest.
nuke1007's avatar
heh, she knows whats going down.
LordKane666's avatar
sweet a few hours to get laid so doable 
Sturmlion1's avatar
She felt him up.
Just-Call-Me-J's avatar
Midnight as curfew, or midnight Cinderella-style?
Leon-Z's avatar
D'AAAWWWWWWNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN x3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yellowpikmin88's avatar
Twilight is such a great sister
Art-in-heart4va's avatar
funny how he got the same height?
It sure is convenient how the spell also aged him up. Maybe it just aims for young adult no matter what, since that was simpler than getting proper interspecies age conversions right?
negy5's avatar
great job with the comic man. that hug is the moment you realize your life is complete. Clap 
negy5's avatar
you welcome.
negy5's avatar
you welcome, I have favorites on my profile, if you guys wanna see different artists :) (Smile) 
BigSims3030's avatar
I've always wondered throughout the series was Twilight more of a mother or a big sister figure toward Spike. In this comic, I can see a little bit of both.
dSana's avatar
She is both in my opinion :)
abbe44's avatar
kinda slelfish of twilight to even get mad because his desire to transfomr can be compared to like your son wanting a really wierd job like a circus clown and then denying him his dreams
The-Dude-Bro's avatar
Also here are some examples of movement lines.
your lines should really start of big and get smaller in the distance.…………
The-Dude-Bro's avatar
You use photoshop right?
Burning-Heart-Brony's avatar
Using Manga Studio 5 atm.  I like Photoshop, but it's pricey.  Manga Studio fit the bill and was recommended by a fellow Deviant.  I'm really loving it, but wish it's free transform tool was a bit more like Photoshop's. Haven't really needed anything else so far.  As for painting, I haven't used it for that yet.  Krita kinda fills that gap for the time.
The-Dude-Bro's avatar
So your are just basicly vecotring, would defiantly recommend you using Inkscape.
It will allow you better qulirty vectors and more viriarty  
LennonBlack's avatar
I am loving the shit out of this comic. Please make them end up together in the end. :3
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