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Temporary Peace

inspired by the song by Anathema.
hope you like it.

oh and fullview would be fantastic :)
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so very beautiful :blackrose:

I imagine this way my end but to the side a dog black farmer
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very beautiful and relaxing...
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:cries: what a song..

and fits so well to the picture..
must ahve been a beautiful moment
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Beautiful work and the title is very well chosen, anathema is such a great band..

take care,

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It's an amazing shot, it make me travel so far.The atmosphere is gloomy but serene at the same time.the grainy texture gives a sort of intemporality to the picture, as if there was no life, no true,irrealism.the girl really intriguated me; we can't see her face expression but i guess it's a lost sight,looking to the horizon, waiting for something.Well, belonging to the title, it must not be that; but everybody can have his opinion and his own feelings about a picture that touches him.
Fantastic :)
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I think is really good
a litle peace of being in a bench looking the water, a water that seems not peacefull
a great concept, I like the way you don't create perspective lines or centered things
this one, I think it is dinamic it terms of composition that results very good with the dark colors in the water, disturbed and the duality between the peacefull person and the clean and calm sky :)
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Excellent job!
I love this song... and now I have also a visualisation now.

Beyond this beautiful horizon
Lies a dream for you and I
This tranquil scene is still unbroken by the rumors in the sky
But there's a storm closing in
Voices crying on the wind
This serenade is growing colder breaks my soul that tries to sing
And there's so many, many thoughts
When I try to go to sleep
But with you I start to feel a sort of temporary peace
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can be seen in many different ways. as the title says it can mean that she has finally stole a second of peace. also it can be sad, she's alone and the tones in the shot are very dark. great job! i love it :)
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this is so clean and beautiful.
very well done.
burning-giraffe's avatar
thank you, i appreciate it :)
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this is absolutely beautiful
burning-giraffe's avatar
thank you very much :)
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the atmosphere is wonderful indeed, especially combined with that beautiful track i hear at the moment from anathema... great imagination once again :+favlove:
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Wow! Excellent! I love the atmosphere in this picture.
It is lovely XD
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Oh yes, fullview IS fantastic... Congratulations... :clap:
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Thats a lovely shot sweety! :heart:
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thank you so much, i'm glad you like it :heart:
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you are much welcome, Anni :heart:
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I just love it! So expressive, and Anathema combines... perfect!
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thank you so much :)
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this is gorgeous...i love the waves..and the model looks so serene..:blackrose:
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