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Cosplay: Viera Green Mage



*o* this outfit turned out so cute, even though it was SO last minute wow XD

Anywho, I actually made the dress and stockings like...a whole year ago, and just never really finished it. This techincally isn't finished at all detail-wise but since its FFTA2 cosplay, and nobody knows that game (I got called Fran for klaha's sake at AUSA XD) I figured it'd be okay 8D

I decided to use my Lamiroir wig with this too just cause I liked it better than my white accurate wig I had gotten for it...and I randomly decided before heading out to put it up into pigtails. SO GLAD I DID. ITS SO CUTE. And I has my long fingernails. I love Viera and their finger nails *o*

That red mage staff was made by my ELDER BROTHER SHELBY WHO IS AMAZING <3333333

my green mage staff is not done at all LOL. D:

Photo by Anna Fischer~ aka ~Dressdragn :D
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