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Cosplay: Vayne Carudas Solidor

You gaiz, I am SO SORRY that I am RETARDED and never saw the pictures Anna got of my Vayne at Otakon 2008. XD

I really am. XD

But uuuhhh that happens somtimes. The whole me being retarded thing. ANYWHO.

This is the closest thing to a photoshoot I've EVER done in this costume which makes me INCREDIBLY SAD. D: *looks at the Vayne armor dying in the corner*

I still need to remake those damn boot covers. IN THEORY THEY WERE GONNA WORK AWESOME. But that bit me in the ASS when I wore the costume.

Yes, I know. They iz evil. But if I had them on properly it doesn't show. And I hate having to say that over and over and over and over and over because people can't read. D: SAD FACE. CAUSE THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVE COSTUMES. *O*

More about this was my FIRST omfg huge bigtime omfg WTF DETAILS OMG MAKING ARMOR I HAVE NO IDEA WTF WTF WTF WTF costume. Very first. XD Figures I'd pick something like this to start my OMFG FF DIFFICULT COSTUME/VILLIAN obsession. 8D

Vayne is amazing and manry and I SWEAR I WILL REMAKE THIS ONE DAY. And have the graident dye on the back dragons and armored boots and I WILL REMEMBER TO WEAR MY DARK GREEN FRILLY SHIRT AND NOT THAT BLASTED GREY ONE. D: And lulz, I got super glue on my arm at Otakon right before I put it on, trying to super glue myself into this thing harharharhahrhar I LOVE COSPLAY.

my coscom page for VAYNE CARUDAS SOLIDOR = [link]

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Isar-Anon's avatar
love this costume XD great picture
Dazedmelody's avatar
Amazing cospaly! I love the details!
Kendra-Paige's avatar
Absolutely amazing Vayne cosplay, you did a beautiful job! <3 I wish I had a Vayne like you when I did my FFXII group!
Lunar-Liaison's avatar
Wow, wow, wow. Incredibly cool. But its more fun to start with an extremely difficult costume than something that is simply...something so rewarding when you finish it. I'm attempting to be Fran next year for the DragonCon convention o.O ... any words of advice?
LhadyAshe21's avatar
how the heck did you do all those details??
it's really amazing!!
burloire's avatar
Most of it is actually craftfoam and foamboard LOL!
Thank you very much! FFXII = AWESOME WIN for costume design~ <3
LhadyAshe21's avatar
you bet! gosh--- you look totally awesome in that..

how I have really wished Vayne WAS a woman..
Setua's avatar
ahahahah XD your description is priceless :lol:
Havenaims's avatar
aaaaa! so epic *0*
zipchan's avatar
Oooh, I wish I had gotten to see this in person. D: :heart:
xHee-Heex's avatar
I LOVE the scaley-ish armor on the vest. X3 And that wig is fabulooous!

I'll never understand how people can make amazing craft-foam armor. D= Its amaziiing!
burloire's avatar
OMG YESSSSS. That was interesting to make. @_@

OMFG. Craftfoam armor! Its so easy once you get used to how it works! I can kick out armor in like a day now hahahhahahaha. I <3 craftofoam *o*
Eira-Nai's avatar

And you know, the rest of the costume too. Holy details, Batman.
burloire's avatar

Yesssss. I bothers me that I don't have all the details quite yet either. But I've slacked off on keeping the costume nice, so some of the armor is warped now....>_> so I'll need to remake the whole thing basically. BUT. When I do I'll have ALL the details YAY :heart:
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