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Bleach Inked Black: Meeting of Three Captains

Bleach Crossovers Etc

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Camp NaNo Beginning: Level

This is a marketplace, and it looks rather as all marketplaces do. It's got a cobbled street, and further down the way there are stalls all covered with green and tan awnings. The air is filled with shouts and cries, but just walk some distance away and those shouts and cries fade quickly into nothing; or rather, not nothing, but a kind of thick bacground noise like a cloth all criss-crossed and woven together but each strand indistinguishable from the rest. Here, removed from the hustle and bustle and color and all, is where the man stands. The first word you would use to describe him would be this: bored. And you would actually be fairly

Written works

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Jupiter the god of thunder (close shot)

da watermarked...

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Back to School Contest: First Day

    Szayelaporro Granz slipped out of his street shoes, pulling a pair of slippers from his locker. All around him, students talked, laughed, and generally made annoyances of themselves as they caught up with their ghastly friends.    "Senpai! Senpai! Happy first day of school, Senpai!"    He mentally groaned, trying to ignore the chattering twin underclassmen that had appeared next to him. Lumina and Verona had been following him around since their first year.    He took off his white bone glasses, exchanging them for a "normal" pair. The school administration had a thing about masks, and students had to take them off before heading for c


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MLT Mock-Up

DA site etc

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Remie's Double Meme

Lords of Magic

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Art Feature Blue and Purple+win 200points

Featuring deviation with blue/purple colour schemes :heart: Sorry I couldn't feature everyone! There were 180+ responses. :+fav: for the chance the win 200 points Edit: The winner of the points was ~Aaraujo (https://www.deviantart.com/aaraujo) :la: And even though it doesn't fit with the them, this makes me lol everytime I see it. whiteknight vs internet :lmao:

Journals, features, etc

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Ask Me About Commish Stamp

status labels

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Zelemir - Pixelated lightning

Defender's Quest Fanart

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CW: The Jade Necromancer (Colored)


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2018 Summary Of Art

Progress and inspiration

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Still Life


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Velvet Dreams


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Chibi Twinsouls

shading style

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Ebony Daggers - Skyrim

Metalwork and Crafts

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Path of exile mud flats witch

Path of Exile

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My Pain Tool SAI Brush Settings

Sai Tutorials

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Cloud Tutorial

Flash Tutorials

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[VIDEO] - Female Anatomy Tutorial

Tutorial Videos

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Advanced tricks with Manga studio 5 and Wacom tabl


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Artdumps etc.

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Switcharound Memes

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[The Cauldron] Autumnal Festivity - Stage 1

Chibi Chibi

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Animal Stock

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Asturias 17028 - University

Courtyard Stock

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Cave 5

Cave Resource Images

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F2U Chibi Bases

People Resource Images

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Duke And Jack Running

Stock Images

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Can I draw your OCs?

4/21/16Hello! :wave: Just wanted to give you an update!  1. If you are wondering about if you will get some art... I will be continuing to work on this all year! So, there is still a chance! :la: 2.... If you have no refs of your OC I will still consider drawing for you if you provide appropriate info. However, if you are able (depending on your OC) to go on one of these sites - dolldivine.com or azaleasdolls.com - and create an OC ref for me, in addition to your info, that would be helpful. :D 3. I am in progress of placing all the refs and info into a document that will be easier for me to look through when I am able and needing inspira

resort later

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How To Use The Motion Book Tool

A versatile powerhouse of a creation device, Madefire’s Motion Book Tool can be used to make an variety of digital creations, ranging from simple print-style books to complex, dynamic Motion Books that leap off the screen. Simple: The Page-by-Page Experience Creating comics, graphic novels, or other works in a classic page-by-page format is a simple, three-step process with the Motion Book Tool. Step 1: Open the Motion Book Tool Step 2: Click "Upload Assets" and upload your created pages Step 3: Create a new project, and put your pages in the project in order Step 4: Upload to deviantART! Professional: Storytelling in Motion At its

Abandoned Empty Folder in the Dark Corner

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Dream Gothic Garden VII

Animation or Video

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Della 15


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SWTOR Coruscant - Barala'loren and Corso Riggs

Games art and such

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Commission: Unlikely Allies

Adventurers and Teams

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Small Winged Boy

RP and things

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Junk Sketch 54

Tutorial, Reference, and Inspiration

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Ethernitas : Last Dance


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Contest Source

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Water Lily from a Cantaloupe


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Jane (aka Bloody Mary)


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Character Inspiration

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CW: Masihr on the Hunt


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