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OP - Art trade Bianca


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A fellow deviant still in need

her situations pretty serious, it's understandable she still needs help


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Wonder Girl

CIVILIAN FILE ::: Name: Kariline Helena Reef Nickname: Kari Date of Birth: December 11th, 1994 Age: 15-16 (S1) 21 (S2) 23 (S3) Species: Demigod Appearance: Kari has long curly blonde hair that she wears up in a ponytail in civilian form. She had a light-tan skin town that goes rather nicely with the green eyes she inherited from her mother. Her figure is slim, built almost like that of a swimmers but she has some curves when it comes to her hips. In civilians form Kari wears a light gray cardigan over a white shirt which is tucked into a pink skirt. She wears knee high socks and, depending on the day, gray boots or flats. She wears glasses to help conceal her identity but only in town. Height: 5'5 Gender: Female Ethnicity: Greek-American Hometown: Themyscira; Paradise Island Current Residence: Washington DC Occupation: Homeschooled (formerly; S1) Happy Harbor High School Student (S1) Part-time Florist Relatives: Darcy Reef (mother; alive) Zeus (biological father) Janet


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needham-comics's Robot Machine

Amalgam+Next Gen

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What I've Been Up To Lately...

Hello. Calling to you all from my "B-Day Vaycay", I thought you might be interested in what I've been up to, of late. For those of you, who I'm sure are aware, I've been managing to make some postings here on DA after a particularly slow start to the year (which I can hardly blame the current state of the world for, although it certainly didn't help). This recent upswing has been the result of a new approach to my projects that I've begun taking during my days off from work, to make things hopefully run more efficiently. The idea is, on my first day off, I'll get a finished project completed (maybe two, if they're little quickie pics that I know I can just bang out in a couple of hours). Then, the next day, I'll focus on pencil work and hopefully get three or four pics ready to go. The goal for this is twofold. One...to keep things in moderation and give myself the freedom to do other things I might want to do on my days off (rest and relaxation are important, too...especially


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Enter the Name...


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Looking For Ships.

Ok so i really need to get more art of my second main which is this boyo here but hes a single pringle and ive been wanting to get cute art of him with someone if its a ych, commission, or whatever but the ships i had before either didnt last long at all or just randomly got thrown away and i dont want to like..pay for art for a ship that wont ever even last at all..cause thats a waste lol not to mention if someone got art of my oc with theirs i would cry but not because of the art but because they like my ocs with theirs and means alot for someone to like my ocs. I also wanna draw cute art with my boyo and someone elses oc as well so i will throw alot of art B) I also wanna communicate/rp as well with a friend or person of our ocs to meet and see how it goes as well (can be sfw or nsfw rp B)) Im gonna be alittle picky though cause a few people tried to ship with zack but they either throw their characters away and forget it or they just do it only for 'free art' from me..i


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Scavengers Analysis and Speculative Biology

Fictional Anatomy

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1 Fox @ 1 Head


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Zuko as Anakin Skywalker.

Avatar x Star Wars

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Zenitsu with long hair styles


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Kyanite !!!


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Chikasuzu and Himesaki


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Space Pirate Captain Faker


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The Magic Moment


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Fashion Meme - Danny Phantom


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Saki Soho


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Azar - Nekra Model Color


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OC - Frieda ficha [Hellsing Ultimate]

ATENCIÓN Todo lo narrado en esta ficha tiene que ver solo con el manga y las OVAS, Hellsing Ultimate, ya que este personaje lo cree exclusivamente para las OVAS sin tener en cuenta la serie de anime Introducción Nombre:‭ Frieda Edad: 68 (1999) - 98 (2029) Género:‭ Femenino Apodo: N/A Alias‭: Princesa muerta (Hellsing) Alma en pena (Por ella misma) Pequeña Draculina (Por Alucard) Demonio/ Hija del diablo (Por Anderson) Pequeña muerte/ La Parca (Por Walter) Mädchen /Experimento fallido/ Conejillo de indias (Por el Mayor) Hermanita (Por Seras)Fecha de nacimiento: 30/10 Estado: Viva Signo

Hellsing OC's

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Gamera Heisei Era - Standard Edition


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Who lost this child


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.:P/G:. Waifu 2


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Ominous the Red Ninja

Star Wars AU

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Peter and Rogue


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Cosplay Serana of the Volkihar


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Gumball Ships

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Harley Quinn

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Batman's warning

Batman Ships

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Just A Little Fun

Danny and Sam

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Bad Romance


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Danny and Ember by RestingRose

Danny and Ember

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Moon Goddesses


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X-men Evolution OC

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WWknight Boss

Dieselpunk WWI

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-RiRi's World-


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Little Red Riding Hood - 00

Japanese Little Red Riding Hood

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Pixel Cemetary Scene


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