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Isamu Ref
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Published: March 20, 2018
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Name: Isamu Hirabayashi 平林 勇  (Group 3)

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Birthday: 18th April

Magical Element: Forest

Class Rank (Magic Skill): 3rd (of 16)

Class Rank (Academic): 4th (of 16)

Height: 5'6" / 170cm

Friends: Kio, Pepito, Makoto, Rentaro

Enemies: Takumi, Nao, most others

School: Platinum Terrace University

Personality: Hardworking, malicious, severe, unpredictable, judgmental, opinionated

Pictures of Isamu:……

Short Bio:

Isamu is one of the most powerful of the group, as well as one of the scariest. He is loyal to his friends but is extremely harsh and hostile towards people be doesn’t like. He hates lazy people, being very hardworking himself and with a massive tolerance for injury. He is extremely self-confident and has rather skewed opinions, valuing strength and disregarding weak people. Isamu often keeps to himself and doesn’t start conflict, but is known to snap suddenly if someone gets on his nerves. He loves knives and ice cream.


In-depth Bio:

Isamu is an only child, his mother a powerful, no-nonsense business-owner and his father a cunning and wealthy bank manager. Coming from parents who were both powerful figures seething with self-confidence, Isamu quickly mirrored their personalities, becoming over-confident and carrying about a sense of self-importance from a young age. Isamu was doted on by his parents, who pushed him to succeed at everything he tried and taught him how to be psychologically powerful as well as powerful with magic. Isamu was very skilled in magic, having control over forest-element magic that allowed him to grow and manipulate plants. More than anything, Isamu admired his mother, who was an incredibly strong woman, and Isamu even insisted on keeping his hair in a way that resembled hers. Though Isamu was opinionated and headstrong, he still respected his parents and did everything he was told, believing his parents were all-knowing and that obeying them was important.

In primary school, Isamu intentionally did not make friends because he deemed none of the other children worthy. Instead, Isamu would wander around alone by himself, exploring the bushland around his home, intentionally getting himself into dangerous situations so that he could test his own resilience. One day, when he was eleven years old, Isamu was exploring deep, deep in the forest and came across a strange boy. Isamu had stumbled into the territory of a village tribe, a group of magic-users with unique tribal magic that lived far in the forest. The boy he met, two years younger than him, was none other than the prince of that tribe, named Pepito. Isamu, utterly fearless even as a child, went right up to Pepito without any reservations and began to question him.

Pepito was a cunning and powerful boy, and despite being only nine, immediately demonstrated his intellectual prowess to Isamu. He took Isamu back to visit his tribe, and Isamu became immediately interested in Pepito and his customs. He challenged Pepito to a fight as soon as Pepito began gloating about his power, and although Pepito refused, Isamu followed him until he would agree to a fight, even pestering Pepito well into the night, refusing to leave the village and go home. Eventually Pepito laughed in delight at Isamu’s persistence, agreeing to take him down to the plains to fight. The fight was over quickly though, as Pepito’s tribal magic and sheer strength was leagues above what Isamu could manage, though Pepito noted Isamu’s insane level of endurance despite being overpowered. For a short time, Isamu refused to accept that a boy younger than him was both smarter and stronger than he, but after a few days he developed true respect for Pepito.

Isamu and Pepito became best friends. Pepito was often bored by his tribal duties, and was as interested in the outside world as Isamu was in the tribal village. Isamu tried to fight Pepito constantly, though it always ended with Pepito laughing as he cast Isamu aside, bleeding and burnt up by fire magic. No matter how violently and painfully Pepito smashed Isamu down into the mud, Isamu wiped away the blood and got right back into his feet. Pepito started to teach Isamu, training him in battle and pushing him to his limits to enhance his power. Isamu’s parents were aware of their son disappearing for large amounts of time to train with a strange tribal boy, but they didn’t mind when they saw how strong Isamu was becoming and how happy it made him. Pepito also shared with Isamu his philosophies of life: teaching him about how strength and self-worth were the most important things. Isamu hungrily listened and started to replicate Pepito’s twisted beliefs, feeling that the strong were entitled to take what they wanted and that the weak were to be cast aside.

Because of Pepito’s influence, Isamu became crueller and colder towards others, with such admiration for Pepito that none of his other schoolmates could impress or interest him in any way. Isamu wanted to be the strongest magic fighter in his primary school, but his wish was never granted due to one of his schoolmates, Takumi, a boy whose magic was even stronger than Isamu’s. Rather than respecting Takumi for it, Isamu started to loathe Takumi, as Takumi was a very angry child and upon getting into a fight with Isamu, the two became bitter enemies. Isamu, who took pleasure in hurting others, despised Takumi’s whiny and unstable personality, and his main source of entertainment when he was at school (and away from Pepito) was terrorising and bullying Takumi whenever he could. Even though it often ended up with Takumi winning in the end due to his power, Isamu was never bothered by the pain of defeat; as he believed it would make him stronger. Isamu was annoyed to be overpowered by Takumi, but enjoyed how effectively he could bully Takumi nonetheless, and greatly delighted in causing him misery.

Isamu was incredibly happy throughout this time, being able to impress his loving parents and also spend every afternoon with Pepito, for whom he had endless admiration and affection. Isamu loved that Pepito was bonded to several demon-dog summons, fiery canine creatures that followed Pepito around. Isamu wanted to bond with a summon too, but Pepito, through “tribal wisdom” discerned that Isamu was not fated to ever have a summon companion. This made Isamu furiously upset; jealous that some people could bond with summons but he could not. Pepito then suggested performing a mad experiment: using his ritualistic tribal magic to force Isamu to bond with a summon. Isamu agreed to this, despite the danger of it. Pepito, due to his incredible skill and knowledge, was able to complete the ritual. The result involved a bonding process that caused Isamu a tremendous amount of pain, and the appearance of a monstrous, uncontrollable and powerful magical creature, to which Isamu was now bonded. The dragon-like summon, “Thorek” was an evil creature, brought about by abnormal means, however, Isamu was thrilled to have his own summon and felt further indebted to Pepito for allowing him to bond with Thorek.

Now with a summon and the motivation to become stronger than ever, Isamu was enjoying life and looked forward to every day he got to spent with Pepito. Things changed suddenly however, when Isamu was fifteen, and Pepito told him that he had to go far away on a royal errand and he would be gone for several years. Isamu was devastated to hear this, not least of all because Pepito announced the news in a very flippant tone and gave Isamu a hard “no” when he asked if he could go with him. Suddenly, Pepito was gone from his life and Isamu was alone again. He stopped visiting the hidden tribe, but secretly hoped that Pepito would spontaneously return to him. Though Isamu patiently waited, Pepito did not return. As more time went on without Pepito there, Isamu grew more and more bored and angry, frustrated by the routine of his surroundings and the lack of a friend to teach and challenge him.

Shortly after losing Pepito, Isamu fell into the strange circumstances that resulted in him making his other close friend. Every morning, Isamu would sit seething at his school bus stop, pining for Pepito, while watching one of his school mates get bullied day after day by the other kids at the stop. Eventually Isamu became so bored and desperate for something – anything – to do, he got sick of seeing the poor grey-haired boy at his bus stop get beaten up, so got up, turned a knife on the bullies and dragged the trembling boy over to him. The boy’s name was Kio, and although Isamu had no sympathy for the weak, he thought that the idea of taking such a pathetic person under his wing and trying to teach him to stand up for himself might be a challenge worthy of passing the time. So, having heard nothing from Pepito, Isamu took up the challenge of teaching Kio how to not be so pathetic, telling Kio that his weak nature was utterly annoying and an insult to the eye. Kio, timid and shy, seemed grateful to Isamu and hopeful that Isamu had become his friend, though Isamu did not see it that way. They started to spend their school days together, with Isamu furiously trying to mend Kio’s passive nature and lecture him on his own philosophies the same way he had learnt from Pepito.   

He began being quite cruel to Kio, trying to force him into being stronger. Isamu would bully Kio himself, while demanding that Kio retaliated against him, even though Kio usually would not. Kio’s timidness annoyed Isamu so much that he would lecture Kio for hours daily about the importance of being strong. Though Isamu simply saw Kio as “a project”, over time they began talking to each other, and Isamu learned some things about Kio’s life. He had initially found Kio’s weakness annoying, but soon became fascinated by Kio’s own brand of emotional resilience and was alarmed by the kindness that he received from Kio. Though Pepito had taught him how to be a hard person with concern only for himself, Isamu found himself being changed slightly the more time he spent with his soft-natured friend, as if the harsh life-lessons Pepito had taught him were fading away. For a long time, Isamu considered Kio a useless creature deserving of his disdain, and that the effort to fix him was only to ease his own boredom. However, when years passed by and Isamu found himself still with Kio, Isamu realised suddenly that he had amassed some amount of fondness for the pitiable boy, discovering that he did not want Kio to leave him or to see Kio hurt again. This revelation annoyed Isamu, as it went against his core moral beliefs, but in time he accepted his own feelings and decided that, for better or worse, Kio had become his friend.

Despite becoming calmer and with his cruelty slightly melted, Isamu still remained power-hungry and still found himself having to compete with Takumi, who had always been his schoolmate and who was still stronger than him. By the time he entered Platinum Terrace University, Isamu had yet to see the return of Pepito, but still had Kio as his loyal friend. Because of his power, Isamu was selected to represent his school in the Experimental Magic Class, and was able to take Kio with him. In the magic class, Isamu and Kio made friends with their group members, Makoto and Rentaro. Isamu was relieved to find the two of them to be worthy of his friendship: Makoto for his power and self-confidence, and Rentaro for his determination and resilience in battle. Isamu is the third most powerful member of the magic class, and still considers Takumi to be his biggest enemy. He spends most of his time with Kio, a friendship that seems very bizarre to outsiders. Isamu is calmer now than he used to be, but can still be extremely sadistic and will attack other people as soon as they begin to annoy him. Isamu is very hard working, and spends a lot of time training and studying.

Though Isamu doesn’t regret befriending Kio, he is anxious about the return of Pepito and the inevitable disappointment Pepito will feel to see how Isamu has changed and the “questionable” people he has befriended.

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Akai--MeHobbyist General Artist
Mein Gott!! FINALLY I read this. I'm even in bed all cuddly >w< NYA! Perfect!

XDD "he loves knives and ice creams" , same category, yo XD

HHH! Oh no!!! Isamu, shit, why did you bully Takumi???? Q_Q He ... kinda lost half the respect I had for him 
for bullying Takumi Y_Y
" telling Kio that his weak nature was utterly annoying and an insult to the eye. " >>> X'''DDDD That was straightforward xD
BUT GOSH! now I understand why you shipped them , maaaaan it's the typical Q//m//Q #FangirlModeOn xD

Oh dude... Pepito... NEVER COME BACK, PEPITO!!! You will ruin everything xD 

I like Isamu. Once more, I go a bit beyond what you wrote and .. I see... things. XD I see how you consider the education
of parents as one of the main (if not the main) ingredients of personality-development. Something with which I agree, btw. 
I have noticed that in your other bios, how all characters follow their parents' examples; some continue that way, others leave it...
Well, basically like any person would. 

I was surprised to read he's not Makoto's bestie, I thought they were childhood friends. In fact when I read Isamu saw a boi at the 
forest I thought it was Makoto XD Then I wa like "...oh... it's just Pepito" XD  #ItalianNamesForTheWin 
:heart: Loved readig about Isamu, thank you for sharing, Goosuto-senpai! 
Buritsu's avatar
BuritsuHobbyist Digital Artist
Ahh. Welllll. Isamu bullied Takumi becaaaaause…. because he found Takumi very annoying xD  actually the canon reason (as it would appear in the comic) is that Takumi was throwing rocks at birds (cause he was an angry and aggressive child) and Isamu saw it and decided to teach Takumi a lesson ^^; so… they are kind of both to blame. They were both very headstrong and nasty children, so their feud was almost fated to happen, haha. The reason they became enemies and not friends is because Isamu does NOT respect Takumi (whereas he does respect Pepito) and so Isamu likes to make Takumi’s life hell XD

Ohh yeah. When Pepito comes back into the story… it… it’s not pretty xD needless to say that Makoto’s tribe and Pepito’s tribe are… not friends, to say the least. (I’m sure I’ll do my Makoto rant in the other reply wahahaha!!) And… yeah. I ship Isamu x Kio so hard I CAN’T EVEN! I dunno why…. Isamu is such an asshole, and yet….. *eyes drift out of focus*

OMGOURD!!! I love that you look deeper into my bios, O//A//O HNNNNNN!!! Yes, you’re right, all the main characters in this story have families that I have also thought a lot about. Isamu in particular is a product of his environment, and ended up mirroring his parents more than anyone. Hideo is the opposite case, he is nothing like his parents xDDDD Many of the other characters who are screwed up in some way have some bad situation with their parents that caused them to be that way. On Mother’s Day I think I’ll draw a picture of toddler Isamu with his Mum because…. aww…. cuuuuuute!!

Lol!! “it’s just Pepito”, haha. Yeah, no, Makoto and Isamu became friends just as the story starts, so they are recent friends. But since Pepito is a big part of the reason Isamu is so evil, if Isamu HAD met Makoto instead, then Isamu would be a very different person! (Awww man, so much Pepito hate in your comment!! That’s okay, Pepito is an evil fuck, wahaha)

Ahsdghsfghdsafghs I’m so happy you like Isamu!! OMG! ;v; Even though he’s such a dick xDDDD Although, I have another point that might seal the deal!! I know you hated Chikao because (other than his hair…) he bullies Okito :,,( actually, Isamu, despite being a big bully, would not hurt Okito! Isamu respects strong people, and since Okito has a very strong will despite his trials, Isamu would actually be on his side O__O well… Isamu and Okito have nothing to do with each other xD BUT if they did, then Isamu would probably throw Chikao off a cliff for picking on him X’’DDD

Thanks for reading my bio and commenting Q///m///Q //hugs  

Akai--Me's avatar
Akai--MeHobbyist General Artist
HH! POOR BIRDS!! QAQ Aaah See? That's why I love Isamu, he 
just made justice! But I still love Takumi as well, cause I know he has issues T-T Poor child.

Oh! so they DO meet again! omg I'm so looking forward to them meeting again aAAAHLDFHFGLSHRG
I'm so eager to see the psychological torment the meeting will cause to Isamu,
the poor bab will be devastasted and full of questions but there is THERE IS KIO BY HIS SIDE,
to cuddle him and tell him everything will be alright. Then, together they can kick
Pepito's Italian ass x'''DD (I love Italians, just hold a grudge against Pepito for
what he's done >:'·( )

SEKRGJSELG It's not difficult to do so, because of the way you display the bios :·D 
Hmmm!! Yes, true. It's not like they all follow the steps of their parents,
but to all of them it seems to be important and a kind of "condition" to their personality... 
AAWWW so cute!! >w< Also you draw children so well and cute that AWWWW so cute!!! >w< xD

LOOOL I don't hate Pepito, tho XD I like him and at some point, I don't think he is evil
Premise 1: Kai hates Makoto's tribe (bc of what they did to Makoto-kun)
Premise 2: Pepito's tribe is the enemy of Makoto's tribe
Conclusion: ...I like Pepito's tribe? 
XD don't know yet... we'll see!!!

XDD Isamu and Okito are so different, yeah!!! Oh! OOHHH poor Chikao but JUSTICE I SEE! XD 

>v< No need to thank me! :tighthug: 
Buritsu's avatar
BuritsuHobbyist Digital Artist
Awwww Q//A//Q that's great that you can like both Takumi and Isamu!! <33333 Yeah, Isamu is very cruel to people, but he does not respect cruelty to animals because he sees it as a sign of weakness in the human doing it xDDD So when he saw that he knew that he hated Takumi immediately X''P

Ah yes! This story starts off when Pepito is gone... but, as time passes (if it was a comic or something lol) then eventually Pepito would return. And it would mess with Isamu's mind because Pepito would obviously be beyond disapproving about his new choice of friends. In fact, Pepito loves picking on Kio and Makoto D: It's hard for Isamu because he loves cares about Kio, but he also loves respects Pepito, so even Isamu doesn't know what to do xDDDD Actually Isamu would attack Pepito if he laid a hand on Kio!! Though Isamu would get his ass kicked....

You're right! Parental influence is a big theme of this story ;-P Isamu and Pepito are certainly products of their environment. LOL, yeah, I didn't say it directly, but it is Pepito's clan that has to do with Makoto's past trauma. Pepito is bonded to fire-wielding demon dogs, and it was they who attacked Makoto's tribe ;A; Though, it was part of a long-standing tribal feud, haha. Wah!! This is inspiring to draw some more pictures 8^P  
Akai--Me's avatar
Akai--MeHobbyist General Artist
hmmm... I see. A respect/love triangle, I see. 
I am really looking forward to the moment Pepito appears, 
it will probably be when Isamu is all nice and settled down.. .I can feel 
it is going to be at a moment like that!

Parental influence is almost everything in anyone's life, so I'm glad
that you portray that aspect whenever you tell people about your OCs. I tend
to skip that part but I know how important it is. 
Ugh... Pepito, I can't... can't love you, srsly!!!! kfjhskjhr >_> 
akatsukishuriken's avatar
Intenseee, he's got dem killer eyes ahah
First thing I noticed was his stats though :icontuzkishockplz:
You know, in the short bio, you talk about how scary and badass he is and stuff and then you say he likes ice cream, and that just made me imagine him being one of those people who bite not lick their ice cream like 'screw you brain freeze, I do what I want'
Buritsu's avatar
BuritsuHobbyist Digital Artist
Yussss!!! Those evil slanted eyes, mwahahaha >:3

yeah! I have an obsession with adding stat info to my characters :XD: Isamu is the third strongest of the OCs in this story, so his stats are mad! xD  ---LOL!! Yesss your image is pretty accurate... I imagined him holding an ice cream, making intense eye contact with someone, then suddenly taking a dramatic huge bite out of it all of a sudden X3  I wanted to specify that he likes "raspberry icy poles" but I don't think many people outside of Australia would know the term "icy pole" DX

Thanks very much!! :glomp:
akatsukishuriken's avatar
Stats make everything nice and official looking :meow:

Eehh I just looked it up - apparently, they're called popsicles in the US.. or "ice lollies" in the UK .. PFFff
Just as well though, I was gonna say as if they don't have ice poles in other countries
Well, dominance by ice-cream, noice one ahah

Buritsu's avatar
BuritsuHobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, I think people from the US would only say "popsicle", and I COULD have called it a popsicle in my ref.... bio.... but.... I couldn't bring myself to do it hahahaha xDDDD So I just went with ice cream because EVERYONE can understand ice cream >:3 XDDDDD
akatsukishuriken's avatar
can't blame you ahah
and just to put it out there- COOKIES AND CREAM FOR THE WINNN
Buritsu's avatar
BuritsuHobbyist Digital Artist
Akai--Me's avatar
Akai--MeHobbyist General Artist
mgomgomgomomg this goes straight to my "pending readings" dkjhskh ISAMU :heart: 
I love Isamu :heart: 
Buritsu's avatar
BuritsuHobbyist Digital Artist
I look forward to it if you have time to read it Q///A///Q  *HUGS WITH INTENSITY* :heart:

Yeah.. I kind.... I really love Isamu, LOL >w<
Akai--Me's avatar
Akai--MeHobbyist General Artist
ME TOO! Hopefully this... hopefully soon (I don't wanna give dates cause then I fail XD)

;//v//; I can't help shipping him with Makoto, #sorrynotsorry 
Buritsu's avatar
BuritsuHobbyist Digital Artist
HNNNNNN Makoto x Isamu.... oh yeah, cause they are colour coordinated with Makoto and Yudai :XD: I'm not opposed to some Isamu x Makoto shipping >:3 I'd just never think of that myself, because I ship Isamu x Kio. I ship them SO MUCH @___@;;;;

tries hard to picture a Makoto x Isamu ship picture nonetheless xDDDD
Akai--Me's avatar
Akai--MeHobbyist General Artist
"I'm not opposed to some Isamu x Makoto shipping >:3 " 
You dug your own grave xDDDD
Isamu and Kio... hmmmmm.... =//.//= GOTTA CHECK THAT THEN

Buritsu's avatar
BuritsuHobbyist Digital Artist
OMGERD :^0    LOL if you actually to draw a BL ship of Isamu and Makoto, ahahahahahh!!! I think it would break my mind, but I'd love it!! xDDD

Thanks again for checking out the refs!!!! But out of this whole story I do ship Kio and Isamu the most.... even though you would never expect them to go together LOL X3
Akai--Me's avatar
Akai--MeHobbyist General Artist
xDDD hmmm IDK maybe I should try and draw it hehe

:heart: I still need to read some of them, I'll make them my night reading,
like I told you. Jesus, I had so many days, yet I didn't read them,
what a bag of crap I can be T-T #BadMemory 
Anyways, I'll make sure I read them MWAHAHA
Sternritter-Rex's avatar
Sternritter-RexStudent Traditional Artist
So, this character shares Zarm's zodiac sign : - )) Of course it was very interesting for me to read more about him : - ) Although I think now that there are no similarities between Isamu and AU Zarm both in background and personalities : - ) Unlike AU Zarm, Isamu has incredibly strong will and he is very competitive. Isamu's stubbornness and endurance are impressive too! His story was a very interesting read, which also let me learn a lot about Prince Pepito. You did a great job developing all the characters and giving an insight into their motives and personalities. Every one of them, be it a hero or a villain, is understandable and they feel real, there is no just "black and white", "good and evil", and that is really cool! I like complex characters. I really hope I will be able to make my AU villains complex characters as well : - ) And, by the way, Isamu's design looks very interesting too! I like the idea of spiked shoulder plates and his facial expression is fierce : - )
Buritsu's avatar
BuritsuHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you!! Your wonderful and supportive comments are invaluable! Oh yes, that's a bit of a shame that Isamu and AU Zarm have little or nothing in common... I feel like Zarm would be a much more cautious and reasonable person than Isamu... and I daresay, Isamu might have a lot in common with how Zarm is in the actual TV show! Nonetheless I can't wait to see Zarm in your comic, so that I can also compare. Most of Isamu's traits are quite negative, it's probably for good reason that your AU characters don't match him very well! Isamu is one of my characters who is something of a celebration of everything I am not... he's basically the opposite of me, but in many ways that makes him very interesting to develop as a character.

I'm so so so happy you found his story interesting!! I really loved writing this one! And since I am unsure if I will ever do a bio page for Pepito (I probably won't) I thought it'd be nice to include some info on Pepito here too, as he is tied to Isamu and Pepito is a big influence for how Isamu turned out the way he did. Yeah, Isamu's design is unique... the shorts might be a bit strange, but Isamu wears shorts because "they are comfortable" and of course he doesn't care what anyone else thinks of him or how he looks! And thank you very much for your compliments! I love trying to give realistic motives to my characters and have it so nothing is "black and white", so... your praise is wonderful to hear, thank you! 
Sternritter-Rex's avatar
Sternritter-RexStudent Traditional Artist
Yes, Isamu probably has much in common with the real Zarm from the TV show : - ) I see that : - ) I guess the reason of their differences is that in my AU Zarm is... well, uke : - )) He is a bad guy, at least in the beginning, but he is more cunning and manipulative type of villain, who prefers others do the dirty work for him, and Isamu is straightforward, stubborn and likes to fight : - ) As I have said, AU Zarm has "psychotic side" too but even that psychotic plan of his was to be executed by the Champions, whithout them knowing the truth as usual... : - ) Skumm knows everything however and has his own plans : - ) I guess AU Skumm has a bit more in common with Isamu in the terms of being ruthless and very dangerous all by himself.
Buritsu's avatar
BuritsuHobbyist Digital Artist
Ahh yes XD You're right, Isamu and AU Zarm have little in common... especially given that Zarm is uke. Isamu (as is probably quite clear) would never be uke xDDDD or if he was... it'd be a very different dynamic to the one you have built around Zarm and Plunder. Ahh, I do like this certain kind of cunning villain that manipulates others into doing the dirty work... but Isamu is not one haha. I agree with you 100%, out of your AU characters, Isamu is most similar to Skumm. Which works well for me, because Skumm is awesome, haha
Sternritter-Rex's avatar
Sternritter-RexStudent Traditional Artist
Yeah, I can see that Isamu would never be uke : - ) It is clear that he is 100% seme-type of character : - )
And thank you so much for your kind words about my AU villains : - ) I am happy that you like them : - )
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