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The Sea Pancake plushies I make are custom made to order.  They can be made using any color felt currently available to me, whether a realistic flavor or completely random.  If business picks up enough, I'll be able to access a wider variety of colors through Etsy sellers but for the time being, any felt sold at craft and retail stores is what I work with.
Past commission designs can be seen in this folder of my gallery and the previous commission journal as well as the Facebook page.

They currently sell as follows:
Small Pancakes (around 6" from fin tip to fin tip): $15 USD
Large Pancakes (around 9" from fin tip to fin tip): $20 USD

Shipping is $5 USD domestic (within the US) and $10 USD international.

Completion and shipping out takes usually somewhere between 1-2 weeks (depending on my work schedule and anything else I have that comes up).  Shipping outside the U.S. will obviously take a little longer, but thus far I have a 100% success of them getting to where they need to go.  ...*knocks on wood*

I'm also working on selling pre-made small pancakes, with the hope that I can finally open up shop on Etsy.  These pre-made pancakes can be purchased as normal for now (so far I've only been working on buttermilk but chocolate chip and blueberry are also planned), through Paypal or Google Wallet, just send me a note if you're interested.  c:

A few things of note:
:bulletblue: These plushies are hand sewn and are not meant for rough play.  Please handle them gently and avoid getting them dirty as they cannot be easily cleaned.
:bulletblue: I do have a cat, and as cats go he likes to lay on everything.  If you have a cat allergy, let me know ahead of time and I will do my best to clear any dander or fur off of the felt being used.
:bulletred: If for WHATEVER reason you aren't happy with your pancake, I will happily take it back, offer a partial refund (50%) and attempt to resell it.

Payments can be sent to Mitsu_Silverfox(at)yahoo(dot)com via Paypal or Google Wallet.  Work will not start until payment is received, and I can provide progress photos if requested.  c:

Please read THIS before sending payment, it's super duper important (as I don't do shipping stuff through Paypal, it's all through USPS).

Commission inquiries or other questions can be sent via note~
Don't be afraid to contact me!  I'm really nice I promise! ;w;

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10. OPEN

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-Other Places I Can Be Found-

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YandereKaoHobbyist General Artist
These are sooo adorable
Can I get a large red velvet for my boyfriend and a large Cinnamon Roll for me
Thank you
{} Im in the USA so what will be the shipping price {}
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Hello !
What a cute concept ! I'm really interested by the cinnamon one for my girlfriend. She loves cinnamon rolls and ray, so I think she would love the concept. XD I'm not 100% sure of buying it yet, but if I do, could you explain the whole process ? =o I never bought something on DA with paypal and all before, so I guess that I'm a bit shy with it.

( And I live in France. Do the price rise because of the distance or does it stay the same ? =o )

Thank you !
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Buri288Hobbyist General Artist
Hey there!

Basically, since I take payment through Paypal and not DeviantART (I just use DA to advertise and showcase finished work), if you have a Paypal account, here's a handy dandy guide on how to pay the correct way:…

Price stays the same for now, as I haven't done much shipping internationally so I don't remember what the shipping fees will end up being (though the packages are VERY lightweight so I doubt it'd really be all that expensive).  In the future if it seems to be too expensive I might have to raise prices again, but that won't effect you.

If you have any other questions feel free to let me know!  c:
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WolffyLunaHobbyist General Artist
Are you willing to ship internationally?
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Buri288Hobbyist General Artist
Of course!  I can ship anywhere in the world.
I've sent one over to the UK before already so it's no problem.  c:
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WolffyLunaHobbyist General Artist
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