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ID 7584 Tatiana


ID: 7584

Name: Tatiana

Breed/Type: Forest Equus Ballator

Sex: Mare

Phenotype: Chestnut sunset dotted sooty

Genotype: ee aa nDs nSn

Foal Design/Import Design: N/A

Transfer Link:…

Breeding note Link (if needed):…


Designed by Daineic and her amazing ref done by the oh-so-talented Reitro (thank you guys!)

Personality: Sweet, kind, loving, innocent, friendly, curious

Bio: Tatiana was always prone to wandering the forest that she calls home, though in this country it’s just called ‘the bush’, and this often led her into a number of curious situations. One such situation was when she came out of the bush to find Hannah and Josephine, two women who immediately fell in love with her and adopted her. She’s their special little fanged girl who loves to give rides to their adopted children (it helps to have short manes and a short tail since they can’t really pull it).

Handler: Largely Hannah though she likes to watch Josephine carve sculptures.
Height: 14hh

------------------------------------------ SSS: ID 519
----------------- SS: ID 1128
------------------------------------------ SSD: ID 975
Sire: ID 4082
------------------------------------------ SDS: ID 160
----------------- SD: ID 2047
------------------------------------------ SDD: ID 1208

------------------------------------------ DSS: Unknown
----------------- DS: Unknown
------------------------------------------ DSD: Unknown
Dam: ID 6414
------------------------------------------ DDS: Unknown
----------------- DD:  Unknown
------------------------------------------ DDD:  Unknown

Breeding rules: Please no inbreeding or risky breeding and let me know if you're going to sell her offspring, I'd like to keep her children close if you don't want them. Also please let me know when the child is born and registered so I can add it to her ref.

Price: $10 or 1000 points.

Breeding Slots:
3. EquusBallatorSociety | Mate| Foal
4. EquusBallatorSociety | Mate | Foal
5. User | Mate | Foal
6. User | Mate | Foal
7. User | Mate | Foal
8. User | Mate | Foal
9. User | Mate | Foal
10. User | Mate | Foal
12. Mine | Mate | Foal
13. Mine | Mate | Foal
14. Mine | Mate | Foal
15. Mine | Mate | Foal
16. User | Mate | Foal
17. User | Mate | Foal

Link to stat tracker:…

Stats: +3

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