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Scifi Heavy Energy Cannon

I was inspired to make this gun after playing Warframe and seeing the new Corpus weapon - the Opticor. Seriously, look at how huge and badass that thing looks! It's a damn BFG!! I had to make my own BFG after that, because after all, I wanna make a shooter at some point and I'm gonna need one to be in there anyway =P

So this is basically a heavy energy cannon. Essentially, you charge it up, and it shoots a continuous stream of dark energy that pierces through multiple enemies. I'm thinking of calling it the Darkshade (not too original, but it's a weapon that shoots DARKNESS. Isn't that a bit crazy? :O )

I updated my previous concept. Different colors, different shapes, and clean lineart! That's more like it =P

I used two textures submitted by users on this site.
One of them is this one by hhh316
The other is this one by AaronDesign
The third texture is a stainless steel image from the internet. Not submitted on here.
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Solid stuff! Love it :)