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I'd like to point out that I'm spending much more time working on my game project lately. I'm still drawing, but it's mostly pixel graphics! If you'd like to see how that's looking, follow me on Twitter:

I'm actually more active there lately anyway!
Why haven't I been uploading lately? Been slacking off as usual? Nope! Quite the opposite actually.

Screenshot by BurgerForLunsh
This is a game I'm working on. Doesn't look too special yet, but I've mostly been focusing on the coding anyway. My dream is to someday, somehow, get this finished and released in some form, even if it's just a free download!
Hello all,

Yesterday, my dear old Wacom Intuos4 tablet finally died. The USB slot stopped working, and I can't connect it anymore. Honestly, it's served me pretty damn well all things considered. Got it on Christmas 2011 and it's lasted me almost 7 years. Pretty good!

But, that meant that the only tablet I had left was my Artisul D13. The one that I swore I'd never use again. And guess what? I tried to use it again. This time, I updated my computer to the latest version first, which took almost 3 hours. Then, I reinstalled the tablet, which I believe took just under a half hour. I put it to work one more time and you know what? The weird offset issue from last time was still happening. I can't draw like that. It's not just the offset that's bothering me, but the fact that the end of each stroke gets ruined by a random line that tries to reach the center of my cursor. Obviously this would need to be fixed before I can try drawing again.

So, even though I really didn't want to have to deal with them again, I emailed customer support. After describing my issue, what version of everything I had, and what settings I was using, they suggested something simple - to try reinstalling Photoshop. Why would that fix it? I mean, my Wacom tablet had no problem staying on point each time. But I gave it a try anyway. I was using Adobe Creative Suite CS6, which came with a bunch of other programs, and I had to delete and reinstall all of them, which took a very long time to finish too. I think it was almost 2 hours if not more.

But guess what happened? Once I finished reinstalling it, I opened Photoshop back up and made a brush stroke. It was... exactly on point. No offset. No weird line at the end. Pen pressure works just fine. The buttons all do what they should. Yes, folks, it would seem that my tablet is actually working as intended now. Or maybe even always was working properly, and that it was Photoshop all along that was causing these problems.

Though then again, I don't think Photoshop is the one that's causing the tablet driver to sometimes fail and require reinstallation. But at least I can actually draw once again!

So, long story short, I'm not swearing off Artisul after all. Especially since I have no other tablet to use now. But this one shall proudly be used for all my drawings from this point onward! Unless/until I get something newer, of course =P
Hello all.

I've had an Artisul D13 tablet for almost a year now. Got it last Christmas. I thought that this would be the future of digital art for me - a tablet with a monitor!

Alas, it wasn't as fun as I had hoped it would be. Since the very first month, this tablet has been giving me severe issues. Pen pressure wouldn't work every few weeks. I had to reinstall the whole thing whenever that happens because unlike Wacom, there was no driver utility that I could restart from the Task Manager, and not even restarting my computer would fix it. Then there was the actual drivers themselves. Only one driver actually worked with my computer, and it was an old one that would stop working once I updated my computer to the latest version. I've had my computer running on year-old firmware just so that I could maintain functionality of my tablet.

But then, last night, I decided to finally update my computer. Sure enough, the old driver was no longer compatible. So I downloaded the latest version, which was a newer driver than the last one that was available when I first got it. At first it seemed to work fine, but then I noticed something - the brushstrokes were off-center from the cursor. Not only that, but whenever I would release the pen from the screen, a weird little stroke would materialize that followed the cursor's center point, instantly ruining any brushstroke I would make. I spent over two hours installing, uninstalling, and reinstalling different drivers trying to find one that would work a little better, but nope - it only got worse with each new one I downloaded.

So you know what I did? I said fuck it. I'm done with Artisul for good this time. 11 months of issue after issue with this thing, and I can't take it anymore. I reinstalled my old tablet, the Wacom Intuos4 that I first got in 2011, and you know what? It works perfectly. I've got it with the same settings as I used for my Artisul, and it's all good to go.

Moral of the story? Hail Wacom, and shame on Artisul. Never again. If you want a tablet with a screen, just save up for a Cintiq. Don't get suckered into an Artisul just because it's half the price of the Cintiq. The glitches and incompatibility are not worth it.


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Mr. Poly!!
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United States
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Hello, and welcome to my page! You may call me Carlos, Mr. Poly (as in Polygon), or by my dA username.

I LOVE talking to people and meeting new friends. If you got Skype and wanna talk, feel free to add me! (mrpoly1)

Otherwise, feel free to come to me for advice, critique, motivation, anything you might want. I promise I don't bite! I'm always happy to help my fellow artists!


If you give me a llama, or comment/fave one of my drawings, I WILL go to your page and give your gallery a look! I may not comment or fave anything, but I will at least give you the view I believe you deserve when you interact with someone new. And I truly am grateful for every fave I get, no matter who it's from!

I do not post "Thanks for the fave/llama!" comments unless they're part of a larger message (example: Thanks for the fave! By the way, I really like your work too!). So don't feel offended if the above situation happens where I don't comment or fave any of your work or leave a thank-you comment. Rest assured I acknowledged it! Even if it doesn't look like I did. Reason I don't post them is because I'm sure many of you would rather receive real comments and critiques and I don't want to disappoint/annoy you when you look in your inbox ^^;

I usually respond to every comment I receive on my drawings or journals. Even if it's as simple as "thanks!" I will not ignore you unless I feel that there's really no good way to respond to it.


So... that's it! Hope you enjoy your stay :)


My dear friends!

:iconpreephoenix: :iconduck-senpai: :iconethereal-dancer: :iconqueenwerandra: :iconmangodolly: :iconamalii: :iconcynical-pancake: :icontylon: :iconsuiish: :iconxenomic: :iconlauraneocleous: :iconremnantcomic: :iconoshirockingham: :iconazulnightengale:



Send a llama back instead! Or, check out my gallery and see if there's anything you like!



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