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Yoyo tard

Weee watch him go. I don't do enough yellow tards.
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Im da yoyo

Hi peach thing with 5 nubbs...OW MY EYE HEY OUT ME DOWN eh?don't u turn me upsidedown OH CR-OI AP-HAU HEL-PLATOI P ME-OW
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First of all, TARDS ROCK!!

Second of all, I love how Tards don't care what happens to them.
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:aww: So cute~
Your yellow shading looks pretty. Mine always turns out funny looking D:
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Aw thanks! I'm sure it doesn't.
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Aw, he's so cute! But like Blissymotes said, I'd make him go farther up the rope. :la:

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Who is blissymotes? I think you're getting a little confused and mixing up your emoticonists aren't you dear?
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That's what I call Wifey sometimes :noes:
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I wish I had a pet name for my wifey.
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:icongrinpatplz: I called her that before I married her. You'll find something.
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lol i love your tards!! they make me giggle >W<
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ima go look through your gallery!!
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Please, take your time :D
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This is my favorite!!!!!!
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Looks awesome! :D I love how the string reacts, very nice touch :nod:

Only thing that looks weird to me is that he's rotating the same ammout at every point in the animation. Would be more realistic if he rotated less in the frames where he approaches the top position. So that the rotation speed has a connection to the speed at which the emote is going up and down.
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You mean, he should speed up as he's falling?
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Yes that too, and as he falls faster he should rotate faster since more string is released the faster he falls :nod:
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Hm I see :iconiseeplz: Thank you for your critique :nod:
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up, down, up, down, up down up down updownupdownupdownfgsfdfsdgjhthsfgd
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