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Sini and Bunneh Caramelldansen

By BurgerBunny
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Now in Zikes as :doubledansen: (file cropped to work in chat)
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I really like the way Burger Bunny did this very cute and awesome emoticon!!! They look very cuddly. This emoticon is very pleasant to the eye. I love those color combinations! The way those two little cutie balls bounce is way too cute!!! Burger Bunny made me so happy the moment I viewed her deviation. You can really see in this deviation the bonds between friends. This kind of pixel art is very cute and funny. It is very perfect.Great job Amity!!!!!!!! <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":D" title=":D (Big Grin)" /> It is my pleasure to be a critique on this very adorable deviation. Keep up the good work friend! <img src="…" width="38" height="15" alt=":hug:" title="Hug" />
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Cute! Also, you should change your signature; it says avatar made by Coy-Shinigami, not Sinister-Starfeesh.
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No it doesn't - I changed it to Sini ages ago!
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Huh... it's probably just a glitch; like on some deviations it shows my old signature even though I set it to retroactive...
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In truth, I do not understand meaning of sticky and retroactive. Isn't retroactive something to do with the 80s?
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Retro is, but I think retroactive means changing. So if you choose retroactive, your signature will change when you change it, but with sticky it stays the same.
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I'm going to whore it on zikes >:3
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I bet you are you little devil you.
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Hi Burger Bunny!!!!
Haha your deviation is very cute and awsome!!!!!
:giggle: I love it when the very cute little emoticons bounce at the same time!!!!! :D
You are really great!!! Keep up the good work!! :glomp:
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Aww thank you! I am going to make an emoticon for you :nod:
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:aww: No problems! Hey thanks for your critique!
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Sure!!! I really like your piece of art! Nice one!!! :D
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hahaha aww how cute! ^3^
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Haha that's amazing xD Nice one.
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you two make quite a pair :aww:
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