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A cute tard taking photos of himself for Tardstagram >_>
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Lichi101Student Artisan Crafter
ok but first let me take a selfieSelfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies 
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2000thcenturyLindaHobbyist General Artist
I love it! :D (Big Grin) Heart Heart 
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Love this. :D
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MegaLolerHobbyist General Artist
I love the wonderful expressions. XD  TARDSTAGRAM! XD
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AntoccinoDrinkerHobbyist Photographer
One of the best emojis I've seen.  :3  Now I need to find a place to use this!
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BurgerBunnyHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you ^^
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sweet-garlicHobbyist General Artist
I love this!
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BurgerBunnyHobbyist Digital Artist
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speedysketchHobbyist Digital Artist
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II-edison-IIHobbyist Traditional Artist
But first let me take a-
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oXFlutterWonderXoStudent Artist
Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies Selfies 
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pewdiepievicky Artisan Crafter
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BurgerBunnyHobbyist Digital Artist
What do you mean, why?
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RainbowDash-RainboomStudent General Artist
*#SELFIE starts playing*
Ok but first lemme take a selfie *epik music*
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EmotionQueenHobbyist Filmographer
May I make something like this?
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BurgerBunnyHobbyist Digital Artist
What do you mean? I'd prefer it if you didn't copy my idea, unless you want to do a version in your own style?
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EmotionQueenHobbyist Filmographer
Yes! A version my style!
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I Made This Picture
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Ask-MegaNazo-NHobbyist General Artist
tardstagram XD
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SnowFlakeDropStudent Digital Artist
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LaurentiusjeHobbyist Traditional Artist
best selfies ever :dummy:
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BurgerBunnyHobbyist Digital Artist
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