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February 14, 2010
Runaway Heart by =BurgerBunny is an adorable emoticon, and I can't find words to express how much I like it!
Featured by catluvr2
Suggested by adele
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Runaway Heart

A Valentine's Day themed emote. Kind of.

Edit: Yay :dummy: I got teh DD! Thanks Andrew and Adele :kiss:
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A-Gaming-Fox22's avatar
last christmas, i captured my heart, but the very next day, its ran away...
Tyrunt22's avatar
HOW DO YOU MAKE AN EMOTICON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????????????????????
BurgerBunny's avatar
There are many tutorials around DeviantArt for them! I have some in my gallery too. If you have an image manipulation programme like Photoshop or something, you will be able to create your own :)
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Sapphire1X7's avatar
Getting shot by a Cupid Arrow = Runaway Heart 
baekmii's avatar
Runaway Heart Runaway Heart Runaway Heart Runaway Heart Runaway Heart Runaway Heart Runaway Heart
Hahah, this is so awesome!!!
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baekmii's avatar
You're welcome! C:
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simplysuzu's avatar
Awww... I love your emote.
neokasey82's avatar
This is so hilarious. I love how his face is moving around on his body. SO FUNNY! Laughing Coco 
BurgerBunny's avatar
You need to write it like this: : iconrunawayheartplz : (but without the spaces between the colons) - :iconrunawayheartplz:
cocolapupu's avatar
Cool! iconrunawayheartplz
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