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Paranoid Tinfoil Hat

Another remake, and I know that the tinfoil hat thing has been done a few times but I thought that this emote suited it :nod:

Now on Zikes emote database as :tinfoilhatparanoid:
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This is my first critique, so I am not sure if I did it exactly right, but....

It is a fantastic emoticon. I really like how its looking around like 'no one is going to steal my tinfoil hat'. It actually does look paranoid. Also, the hat he is wearing looks just like the actual badge for it. I don't know if I have ever seen an emote quite like this. This is great work, as always!~ You are so good at making emotes, and animated icons.~ I have nothing negative to say about this... it is just so cute.
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how do you get a oaranoid badge?? i really want one :C but i love this!
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You had to pre-order the Urban Headgear - it was an April Fool's joke a couple of years back :nod:
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What is the Urban Headgear? Awh..I really wanted one. But thanks for replying back :)
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It was a joke product they advertised on April Fool's, some tin foil hats :nod:
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You, my friend, have been gifted with animation techniques nobody in this world has ever seen before. YOU SHOULD BE PROUD! :dummy:
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How do you get it?
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To get the foil hat, you needed to fave/"pre-order" the Urban Head Gear that was a joke item on sale in the dA store last April Fool's.
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Can we still get in now?
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You probably can, but I am not sure of the link. Perhaps you can search the store for Urban Headgear?
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Use that code on chatrooms...
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MLB is out to get us and read our minds for advancements in their advertisement department >.<" WHY oh WHY did I not gain a tinfoil hat while i could!!!
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I found the article the other day when a friend sent it to me, and I could still get a tinfoil hat... :)
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If I note you, will you tell me? :heart:
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Doesn't matter.
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Sorry ^^; I didn't understand your question -___-
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No, it's fine. I was asking how you got the hat, but I found it already.
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