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September 25, 2009
Not all emotes live happily ever after. Some are forced into a life of torment as soon as they are created. Through a wonderfully animated series of humorous events Emote cruelty by =BurgerBunny shows us what emote cruelty is all about.
Featured by CookiemagiK
Suggested by Sinister-Starfeesh
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Emote cruelty

Like most of my ideas, this started out as something completely different but then this popped into my head, since I've seen so many tutorials - I thought a tutorial with a twist. So I did this, with me as the emote tormentor!! Hehe...Poor guy.

P.S. Sorry about the rude hand gesture near the end. Hope it doesn't offend.

Frames: 271
Layers: 61
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Daphne-Brown's avatar
smykoleg's avatar
It Feels Like Animator VS. Animation :D
BurgerBunny's avatar
I get that a lot.
happikitti012's avatar
Lol, poor little blue emote :lol:
pepperkit's avatar
Cool and that hand looks like a roblox hand
yasminsabrie's avatar
how did you make the emote?
BurgerBunny's avatar
I use Photoshop to make my emotes :nod:
yasminsabrie's avatar
ok, thanks for the tip! Cheers and Applause - NaNoEmo Day 8 
Yumi-Chan-Chu's avatar
No mouth?BTW funny! XD
KitLightning's avatar
would be fun if you animated an "eraser" to finish the emote off with :P
BurgerBunny's avatar
Oh he was long gone before the eraser could even get him :iconsadtruthplz:
SnowSniffer's avatar
Awh, that's so rude. :saddummy: But still a very nice idea! :giggle:
XTaeKwonDoDoX's avatar
This is fantastic! :3
anidoriclonewriter's avatar
you make me laugh every time! Keep it up!
BurgerBunny's avatar
I'm glad! I really need to make more emotes...I'm kinda concentrating on my digital art now.
anidoriclonewriter's avatar
Do you have any plz accounts? Are you planning to make any? Just wondering.
BurgerBunny's avatar
Yeah I have loads. Oh.. are you talking about plz accounts from my own emotes or original plz accounts I made?
BurgerBunny's avatar
I think a lot of my 50x50 emotes are plz accounts but I rarely make them myself so I wouldn't know! Probably mostly the dancing or bouncing ones to be honest. I've done a few plz myself but they're kinda inside joke ones :XD:
anidoriclonewriter's avatar
lol. Well, let me know if you find out any. I'm always looking for more plz accounts.
BurgerBunny's avatar
Try ~icon-listing - they are always my first source for plz accounts.
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