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Emergency Tard

Just submitting a few emotes from my pack, these are some of my favourite ones :)

"Emergency Tard"
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What kind of emergency does one use this in? Laughter deprivation.
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Police: Hey, we got news of a robbery on 4th Street and you didn't even set off the alarm! You're supposed to set off the TARD! You're too busy playing with that light on your head...:iconfacepalmplz:
Emergency Tard: *click* BOOP BOOP BOOP. *click* BOOP BOOP BOOP.
Police: You're fired. :iconmadnoesplz:
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:lmao: You certainly have a good imagination!
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he's like "BOOP BOOP BOOP" :la:
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:happybounce: Just so you know, this piece has been featured in Random Emote Awesomeness - Volume 13.
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Oh thank you so much!
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...I sit in my room and watch this for hours. I. LOVE. THIS.
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LOL this just made my day!
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lol this is funny
:dummy: cha!
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9-1-tard what's your emergency? 9-1-tard...? I called 9-1-1... I like it! :la:
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It brings being a tard to a whole new level!
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Oh...hehe! Thank you!
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This reminds me of `CookiemagiK's rescue mission :la:
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Are we allowed to use this? :o
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