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Published: August 26, 2009
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mmm, major lip-suckage here. ;D

romeo and juliet (c) the ever amazing shakespeare
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HopelessBookRomanticHobbyist Writer
Nice. Very Nice.
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if only they did not both commit suicide.
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KatShakespeareStudent General Artist
If they didn't commit suicide, they'd have to live apart the rest of their lives, and Verona would never have stopped the feud between the two families, besides they were misinformed. Juliet was under a potion to present herself dead, so Romeo, knowing he'd have to live without her, took his own life. And she the same when she awoke and it's all friar John's fault.
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exactly my thoughts!!
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IKR! (I know right!)
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Romeo oh Romeo where for art thou Romeo? * sigh*
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"But soft! What light through yonder window breaks?
It is the east, and Juliet is the sun.
Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon,
Who is already sick and pale with grief,
That thou, her maid, art far more fair than she."

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they're like, 14, right?
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Juliet is 13 and Romeo is 16 (in the book)
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Morgan113Student General Artist
Wow, amazing coloring on this one!!! :)
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this could be katniss and peeta :3 but really, AMAZING. but thats nothing new, aaaaall of your art is amazing. <3
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sawebeeHobbyist Digital Artist
I know this one is an oldie, but so darn cute.
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KitRuaStudent Writer
Romeo was seriously a bone-head. He was like in love with Rosaline and was devastated that she was going to become a nun (and when I say devastated, I mean down in the dumps, moping, claiming that he would never love again devastated), and within 24 hours, he gets married to Juliet. I mean- what the Hades?
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KeirTanakaHobbyist Artist
[link] - 15:54
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Juliet's dress it's perfect! :)
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Sun-on-a-StringStudent Traditional Artist
awesome outfit, romeo. gotta love those tights...
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FangFangFangHobbyist Traditional Artist
Romeo & juliet was not a love story:\.... that being said, i still love this picture:)
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atheneofwisdomHobbyist Traditional Artist
the shading on juliets dress is really good, it looks like you could actually wear it. the vines going up that pillar are really well drawn. the shadows are all perfect. and their hair looks like it is reflecting the moon. summed up, it is amazing.
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EthanSireHobbyist Writer
amazing work, as always (i'm sort of a fan now). the colors are wonderful ( i hate you for that, coz i can never get them right) the details on the background are well thought of, and adds wonderfully to the atmosphere of the piece. The designs on the clothing, and the details on their hair is just...it's great okay. HOWEVER (I'm sorry) you do have to work on one thing: body proportions, or is it ratio? idk whatcha call it, but i hope you get it. Because romeo's legs are a bit too short for him, which makes juliet appear taller than him. and the 3Dness of his arms too. i have the same ssues with a couple of your drawings too. BUT, really there just little nuances, you may choose to address or not, coz your work is already breathtaking. PS: please don't hate me.
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luckylittlefireflyHobbyist Traditional Artist
A rose by any other name would smell as sweet...
Love this drawing!
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KylassMemphisHobbyist Traditional Artist
Perfection! Love Juliet's dress!
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He he. I love Romeo and Juliet! This is a beautiful piece!
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