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seth and aislinn

characters from Wicked Lovely. :love:

they belong to Melissa Marr.

ps. i KNOW i didn't color seth's mouth in. i didn't mean to leave it white; i'm just so spacey sometimes... ack, the eyes too!
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I knew you would have drawn 'em! I knew it *jigging*!!!!


Thank you.

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I absolutely love this! They look just as I pictured them, especially Seth. Great drawing, and keep on
TwilightOcean13's avatar
You have seriously good taste! It's official! Youre into everything I am!(with like 2 exceptions...)
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It shouldn't, shouldn't shouldn't be possible for you to have done so many gorgeous drawings of books that I have read and loved. Of films that I have watched and loved. I salute your awesome taste.
selahthecool's avatar
I absolutly love this book! i love keenan at first but i love Seth so much more!
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There is something just so incredibley... eye-catching (?) about this picture...
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OMG, loved them.
And i don't know why, but the song, Undisclosed Desires, by Muse, seems to fit them perfectly
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i love their chemistry. this is just how i pictured them.
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this is realy good seth+ash FTW they are great together love the books love your art :)
Arysthae-niru's avatar
This is amazing! Seth and Aislinn for the win! I love the way you render her hair.
Ravenclawnerd's avatar
I loved this series! Hated that it ended, oh well! Love this!
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*sigh* I need to read these.
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I love this. Looks like Set and Ash.
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You read all the books I read, even though I'm 11. Really cool love the hair on Aislinn.
MooMooMilk147's avatar
Same with me but i just turned twelve a couple days ago :)And the books she's read and i havent are on my list
LyricsFreak85's avatar
I never,ever see such a perfect and amazing Seth!!!!
It's exactly like I picture him.
heartsfanatic's avatar
i just finished the series! it's awesome
i love how you drew them :) it's almost exactly as i pictured them!
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Awww i have a friend named aislinn and this is her favorite book, ill have to borrow it sometime
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awww :heart: Just like I imagined them. XD
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