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next generation sloppayyy

foolin' around, TOTALLY an afterthought...
you wouldn't believe the amount of comments and messages
i've gotten about what my other 2nd generation potty kids were lacking.

james sirius apparently has dark hair. need psychic abilities for that one FO' SHO'.
and, even though they're not in the epilogue, there's
actually a truckload of other kids in this family. PSHYA I KNOW CRAZY RIGHT? :o

i mean, i just read the books. i must not be measuring up to
the average harry potter fanatic these days; not following
interviews with the author... or checking her website... alas.

SO i made this drawing, with all these... corrections.

said author (jo rowling) owns all these characters.
(TOP LEFT to RIGHT) Fred, Dominique, James, Teddy,
Rosie, Victoire, Lucy
(BOTTOM LEFT to RIGHT) Molly, Louis, Roxanne, Albus,
Lily, Hugo
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Very good! Although my personal headcanon is that James has black hair and Al has auburn hair (since Lily has red hair like her namesake). Albus can't be a clone since he's said to only RESEMBLE Harry. But that also indicates that the Potter genes are strong in the men, so I like to think that James has eyes from Ginny's side and black hair, while Al has hair from Ginny's side and green eyes. (Not that you have to draw them like that, all of us have our own images!)
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Wait is the blond person next to Albus Scorbis?..... I love how the next generation is 90% Wesley related.
It's Louis, the son of Bill and Fleur.
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Oh okay... Sorry I did not know
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So true. I don't think it's Scorpius because Scorpius technically isn't family.
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I wish you would do even more drawings of them, your style is amazing and I imagined them exactly the way you drew them.
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I thought that Fred was ginger...
The Fred in the picture makes sense since he is George and Angelina's kid
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I don't know why but Fred Weasley jr. looks exactly how I expected Hugo Weasley
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Suggestion... if you see this. Can you draw another picture with James, but older? I kind of have to use my imagination to see that and you drawings are so on point, and they help imagine the characters. Pretty please?
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*your drawings sorry missed a letter
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Hugo knows what is good Harry Pervert Harry Pervert 
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Something beautiful *.* 
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I absolutely love everything about your style! It's realistic, but not completely! It's brilliant!
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Oh my they look perfect!! Every single one of them!! And I love Teddy's blue hair, and their positions and verything!! :D
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James Potter is a one sassy sass. Really, he's amazing.
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They are sooooooo cuuute
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