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after such a long absence i don't even know where to start with all the drawings i've done while away

Blaire and Prosper dressed as Adventure Time characters? ok submit that one
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You are one of my favourite Artists!!
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aww, thats so cute ♥ And the dress IS beautiful !
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I looked at the flaming dress and thought is that flame princess? Then I saw the finn hat! 🙌
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This is simply adorable, I love your art style! It's so flowy and simplified, which makes it beautiful <3
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Jack and Jill - Katie Herzig.
just a song I think you'll like, mostly because you like the song hazy and the beatle's songs. Kinda even fits the picture... kinda.
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I dont suppos. Could suggest a drawing to you? Just some fan fluff :D
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Och god, its Amazing. 
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N'aawww, this is soo cute! Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1]  And, oh my glob, they're even dressed like Adventure Time characters, aaahhh Llama Emoji-39 (Eager) [V2] 
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Awwww, they're cure :meow:
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I've missed them soooo much!!!! Love Blaire and Prosper, and your art style is simply amazing!!
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I love this cartoon!Love 
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Yay you're back!!
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perfect!!!! lovveeeee both :D :D :D
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Sooooo cute! X3

I love their expressions and their walking poses. He's got this warm, contented gaze in his eyes as he looks at her -- I love how it comes through in his smile and the soft look in his eyes from how his eyelids are lowered. I like the kinda laid back, relaxed way he walks -- it shows how comfortable he is with her, how he's able to let his defenses down with her.

And she's adorable! I love her smirk and the look in her eyes -- there's this bright, eager happiness on her face, and it comes through in her walk, too. There's a quicker motion in her steps because she's kinda leaning forward as she walks. There's a bit of contrast between them, between their expressions and walks, and I love how it shows the same love and affection between them, but from different angles. She's almost skipping around with happiness, and he's relaxed and content being with her. It's adorable.

...also, I love how her hair looks. : )

Great job. It's SO great to see you posting here again. Your art is always amazing -- so full of life and with really strong moods. :+fav:
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These two are too cute. Good to have you back Burdge :heart:
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YES! adventure time!! good to have you back, Burdge!!
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nothin wrong with a little cosplay here and there 
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This is beyond cute, the peter pan and tinkle bell one is also super adorable :heart:
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BLAIRE CUT HER HAIR OUT <3 or maybe she's just into her character.... :P
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