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long time no see, deviantart!

the plan is to gradually ease back onto this website, and i thought submitting some recent artwork was a good start. you might have seen this on my tumblr, or in the PJO fanzine ( that's being put together. in any case, there's new stuff on the way!

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One of my favorite artworks you have made! Amazing! (Great play on words)

thought that said stonks for a second, ngl

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Look out Ouran Host Club, these two boys are the twins that will win the hearts of thousands :D
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I love these two
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*eye twitches* Friggin stOLLS
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Robbie Rotten's goofy as fuck dance Ah, stolls! (you have to admit, great play on names) 
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I'm a friggin' idiot. I didn't even notice the play on words until your pointed it out. Help, I'm going crazy.

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Very cool!  +fav  Does a good job of capturing the mischievous charm of the Stoll twins, demigod offspring of Hermes. :naughty: - dxd :naughty: - dxd 

I loved the book series, and I love this fanart!  Reading 
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To those who have recently read Riordan's PJ&O or HoO, do these two appear in the more recent timeline of the books? 
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this looks amazing
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Who Did They Steal From The Aphrodite Cabin?
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Oh I love the Stoll-Twins.
I think t hey like the Weasly-Twins :3
What will t hey about if they were in a room together?
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I wonder who would win in a prank war.... I bet my money on the Weasly Twins
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I bet the stolls
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I think the Weasleys would win a prank war, they have magic on their side and thus more opportunities and materials
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Love the stoll brothers. Their dad is the god of travelers and theives but they don't get how funny it is that their names are STOLL brothers.
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Why don't you do some more digital? You're very good at it!
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my favorite Hermes kids!
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You are amazing.  Just...I'm so inspired by your art... :D
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I guess you could say....
they STOLL my heart <3

Gorgeous drawings, stay sweet! ^^
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I swear I'm the female version of the Stolls. I'm so mischiefous 
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