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guhh, very old sketch. not sure what possessed me to finish it,
but here you are. :B

oh... and that stain. t'would be grapefruit juice. you can
probably imagine how upset i was that it was spilt. 1, because
i live and breathe grapefruit juice and 2, it spilled onto my drawing.

ginny, harry, lily, al, and james potter (c) j rowling
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ONTO YOUR DRAWING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can imagine how I would feel Kao Emoji-22 (Angry) [V1] 

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Aww... it's so cute
Where is the GRAPEFRUIT juice stain? I don't see anything besides some great color combinations. DO NOT MENTION FLAWS. lol. Who knows if its a flaw or a perfections. I love it. 
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really cool
what medium did u use?
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You're drawing is amazing (Going to pretend that the grape juice stain does not exist) Anyways, you're drawing is awesome!
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This is absolutely amazing, I love your artwork, don't get me wrong. By James Sirius is supposed to have jet black hair, says so on his wiki page. Though, he's still mega adorable as a ginger!
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I actually prefer him Ginger tbh... and you can never put complete trust in Wiki pages, I'd ask JK Rowling if you could to be sure
Your art is amazing. I think this is my favorite! Sorry for my bad english, its really rusty. 
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Awwww :3.
This is very cute :).
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ah, look! the boy with the black hair that is like "wut?" looks like Percy!(when he was in sixth grade)
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I'm not really a Harry and Ginny fan but Al's face is just priceless.
I'm so glad to have found the artist behind this, I've seen it on other sites and loved it. Now I've found it and the rest of your artwork I'm hooked. Your drawing style is amazing, I wish I could draw! It's providing a lot of mental images for my foray back into FF writing though so thank you :)
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this is cuute <3
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If you saw the epilogue of deathly hallows you will not that Jame has BLACK hair
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Technically, in the book, it never actually says.
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It said, ' The new boy resembled Draco as much as Albus resembled Harry.' Page 756 Deathly Hallows. Al is the youngest boy.
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