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oh my god. as hard as i try to figure out digital coloring and drawing, i think i will always have an easier time with pencils. it's so much more natural for me. it's the hard truth, man.

i also think that my scanner is trying to sabotage my work.

Harry and Ginny (c) Jo Rowling
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ummm..... Where her shoes at? Did she lose them?

(This was not meant to offend you or your artwork, it was meant to poke fun at the fact she has no shoes on. I'm sorry if that came out as offensive but that was not the intention.)
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This is so adorable! I love the colours and how you drew Ginny's outfit. Harry's expression is pretty awesome, too! ^^ Great work.
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Love her socks :)
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Awww cute drawing!
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Yeah, digital art is weird for me, too. I might be easier if I actually got a tablet, though. And the scanner on my printer is broken so I have to use the trackpad, but I manage. Practice is good. But, pencils rule. Also, this is really cute!
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Dude I *wish* I was as good with pencils as you, this looks incredible! I'm also hopeless at digital art >_<
Love it! Scarf is a great touch
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I like this drawing because it represents Ginny's confidence in her and Harry's relationship.
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This is the cutest thing ever!
what kind of pencils do you use
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It's such a cute and sweet scene!! Heart  I love the naturalness of the pose 
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OMG!! You are so good at drawing!! How did you learn? Self taught??
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that one is pretty damn good
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AHHHHHHHHH!!!!! this is so adorable i just died!
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Nice socks tho :D
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Sock-us  Hole Repairicus.
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Lemme help i learned a bit from hermiones mom!- *mr weasly runs up* oh theres a spell for that?! Oh, okay. *internal crying* but muggles are cool! :'(
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Awwwwww that's soo cute :3
Amazing :)
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Wait....I thought this was Hermine or however you spell it. Hermoine? Hermine? Hermone?
Ask-Jade-Mountain27's avatar
No harrys not with hermione (thats how its spelled) hes with ginny and rons with hermione. Gets confusing sometimes. :D
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