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Leo and Hazel

She climbed one of the largest boulders to get a better view. Leo tried to follow and lost his balance. Hazel caught his hand. She pulled him up and they found themselves atop the rock, holding hands, face-to-face.

…She definitely didn’t seem like a dead person.

Mark of Athena, page 78
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Canon MP480 series
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This part made me so sad oh my gosh! I absolutely ADORE their friendship.
damnglasses's avatar
Awkward penguins
RascalJoy's avatar
Their friendship is the sweetest thing ever.
dragonlover12344's avatar
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and then he gets so nervous he erupts into flames
Faizarocks3456's avatar
Frank: (turns into a fluffy penguin) hay leo stay away from meh girl
Leo:aww whatz a cute little penguin gonna do?! 
Hazel: umm guys, guys c'mon
Frank: (pulls out shotgun) ):l
Frank: don't chu make meh..
Leo: (runs to behind reyna) *sniffle*
Frank: that's right run to yur reyna hehe..
Hazel: Frank yur such a butt but yur so fluffeh (hugs him)

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I don't think that happened......Frank is to sweet to pull out a shotgun........,and Leo and Reyna aren't a thing...,
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is it just me or does leo look AWESOME in this picture!
Luv everything about him in this pic everything!!
marysgarden's avatar
Aww, they are so sweet^^
yeah, I know they'll never happen, but don't stop believing.
By the way, I like Caleo too
elenifun's avatar
 Leo and Hazel, hmmm.....
SnickersSneakers's avatar
No way! I want Caleo!
AliasArtworks's avatar
the hands should be the other way around. leo's hand should be under, and hazels shuld be on top.
star-bite13's avatar
This is my notp but this is still super cute
kaijudo-girl's avatar
OOOHHH BD !!!!!!!!please PLEASE do Leo and Calypso !!!
unstoppableXD's avatar
one of my favorite parts in the MOA
duaghterofposeidon99's avatar
Do one for Leo and Calypso! PLEASE!
BeeiFong's avatar
i don't ship them. I personally prefer Leypso and Frazel, I don't mind Leyna but I really dislike Lazel. Sorry.
Rhythymic-Lunatic's avatar
lol then why'd you comment? 
CoffeeQueenDemigod's avatar
Why did you comment on herpicture just to say that? She ships it, she draws it, and most likely not for an audience.
CoffeeQueenDemigod's avatar
PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT! This is my OTP of all the OTPs (Even including Rose and The Doctor and that is something I ship so much it's crazy) But Lazel. So perfect! I love how you drew Hazel! She is so CUTE! I want to be Hazel. Yeah, I really want to be Hazel. I'd be 100% prettier, I'd have Leo flirt with be, have a protective boyfriend (Even if I don't ship Frazel) and have amazing awesome powers. You drew them so well and perfect and you are awesome and your art is awesome and your lazel is the best and so opahudiuagsfhjnciaeurdhnuduogfghsildjehufdjncndhsufhc perfection.
AwkwardliAwesome's avatar
I am seriously unable to ship Leo with anyone because of how in love with him I am.
ZoeKat1130's avatar
I ship this couple so hard!!! Calypso stinks. 
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