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i never knew i could get harassed for supporting a canon couple. :o

i always thought that kind of grief was saved for the ridiculous and outlandish ships out there. and i'm not even INTO shipping. i just go with the story! the way the writers intended?

ahhh, but i shouldn't be surprised. i have nothing against any of you guys. it's your prerogative.

Katara and Aang all grown up still belong to bryan and mike and nickelodeon.
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hahaha so cute :la:
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Wow. I really love how you draw those people! The way her hair flows about in the last picture, and her facial expression in that last panel, very realistic and also cute.
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Haha! Very cute! Love your style of drawing, too. :aww:
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Hahahahahah!!!!! Payback is imediet!!
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OOOH, Thx for doing such a beautiful thing and making me happy so much!
-how weird someone I didn't even see can make me feel so happy...-
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Psst. Thanks for this! La la la la 

And I feel the same way. If it's canon, it's canon.
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Beautiful are as ALWAYS you are my favourite artist and my inspiration :)
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i love the art style and plot of this pic!!
Im-the-living-katara's avatar
love it I have this on my cell and the first time I read it I laughed so hard and I loved how you drew them. nice work.
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I've seen this everywhere but finding it on the real place makes me so happy so I can actually thank you for making such an amazing comic! Wow I just love it and aang looks so hot. DAANG
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Like I can't ship them when they are younger but I like the older version of the ship. . .I'm such a weird person.
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It's a shame you should get harassed when you've created such a fluidly drawn, heartwarmingly captured moment between these two. Honestly, this is gorgeous storyboard art to me. Excellent job!
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I like this very much! 
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Aw, this is adorable!  I love your style!
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I love them!!! ♥♥♥ you're amazing burdge!!!
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aaaaahhh this is so cute! totally made me grin! x3
michaelhardcore13's avatar
what you do with the faces is amazing! your imagination  is perfect!
gdpr-19878757's avatar
haha, aww cute! XD
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