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okay, so my pinups of the Harry Potter girls have begun to lean
toward not remotely looking like pinups...

but still, a clueless hermione is quite the spectacle.

hermione (c) jk rowling
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Hermione doing as Hermione does!
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Why is her skirt up a little 😑 anyways this is halouriously awesome! The way she looks so determined and with all those BOOKS! Yeah she’s been studying for hours...
yes Hermione would...
and Ron goes O_o 
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Ha! How many times has this happened to me...
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This actually happened to me at school-- 
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Ron:O.o *goes bright red, and suddenly takes an interest in studying for OWLS/NEWTS
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I think this is Hermione in one drawing..
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Hell yes, the OWL coming!
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? It's colored,isn't it?
Even then it's wonderful
I think I'm the only one who noticed her ear isn't colored…
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Gasp! Hermione, are you TRYING to drive poor Ron crazy?
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OMG!! How did you learn to daw like this? That's incredible!! If i could be you jiji....
This is hilarious!
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heh heh... I've done something quite similar... *blushes* poor Granger...
Isabelle-fox's avatar see?! THIS is why I don't normally wear skirts, something horrid like this would happen. and I have really pale legs, because I don't tan.
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Ugggggh I hate when that happens - I don't have the legs to pull it off -___-
I can't tell you how much I love her hair!! [link] (wish mine would look like that) xx
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I have hair precisly as hers is.
Trust me, it looks cute, but it is constantly knotting and frizzing and hard to take care of
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Cara!!! ficou massa pa caralho!!!
A Drawing Show
I find myself imagining a stuttering and beet-red Ron trying to tell her that her skirt is pulled up to her knickers, all while he's trying not to stare at those lovely legs. =D
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