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Character Study: the doctah

By burdge
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a wild David Tennant appears.

clare: "Hey, that looks like David Tennant."
me: "What? Really? I didn't mean to do that." /sarcasm

used [link] as a reference. trying to get the hang of different features. the strange thing about Tennant is that i didn't find him attractive in the slightest... until i saw him act. typical of me.

before you ask, i'm only on the third series! :D
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wow its soo awesome i love doctor who and David Tennants my Favorite hope u have fun drawing also keep drawing ur such a good artist i hope u know that never give up because if u give up it will haunt u and u wont be happy anymore! i love the shading this is the most awesome Drawing of the Doctor i have ever seen u got the eyes right and everything i love how u made the picture fade away it looks amazing if u keep this up and u will go far and wide! Awesome Sauce.
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I have seen doctor who up to the most recent episode aired on the BBC. David Tennant's features are slightly exaggerated which helps the likeness come through, but the nose is the only thing that doesn't feel like it fits with the rest of his face. The eyes work, the jaw line and even the hair all say Tennant. But his nose has a very distinct shape that, if nailed down would improve the likeness a lot. With that said, the image has a lot more impact because what is working works so well. It looks like a good exercise exploring likeness.

A stronger exaggeration of the hair and even to some extent the ears when you go for likeness, focusing on the basic shape that a part of the head is in 3D while you are drawing it will help to improve the image as a whole when you go to start adding details.

The eyes hit a very distinct "Doctor" pose, and the lips fit, but they feel somewhat generic.

Overall nicely done.
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You are so good at critiques. I tried to find the differences in Burdge's drawing here to her link, but it was pretty hard for me, until I saw your Critiqe.
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:) I try to be as fair to others as I am to myself, I wouldn't be able to see that in their drawing if I didn't see it in similar drawings of my own.  Its all for improvement ^__^
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wow this is awesome! Doctor Who is great, I am not very far in though. heh. This drawing is really good.
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It must be an honor that your drawing here is featured when the website asks deviants if they drew a person or not and this shows up as an example. I love this drawing.
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amazing! I love the sketchy roughness of it, and also love Tennant hehehe
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Very nice! Well done! 
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holy moly thats fucking awesome
im jelly
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WOW! So stunning *-*
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omfg i love david tennant with all my heart.
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i love how it is simplistic and yet very close and immediately recognisable as him. Many people struggle with face shapes. Great work!
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Awsome! Hey, not trying to be boring but I'm new here, I've just created this account so... If you want to could you check out my drawings pleeeaase? I hope you like them :3
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It's perfect!
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It's......"brilliant" ;) (Wink) !
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Come back......
I miss you......
I love you......
Heartbreak Heartbreak 
The Doctor's Tardis 
COME BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tomoyo Sakagami (Crying) [V3] 
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gorgeous =D I've never seen this person or anything but I love this drawing <3
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That awkward moment when you submit a david tennant picture and the categorie example picture is a david tennant picture. 
Great work, I love him <3
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