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HEAD 40$

Lucy by burburart  Commission - Cecilia's emotions by burburart  Owl Girl by burburart

Digital portrait of a character 
with simple/transparent  background
Resolution ~1500 px on longest side
No extra character is available for this commission.
Extra version (change emotions/details) +10$

BUST 50$

 Jeanne SFW ver. by burburart Jeanne NSFW ver. by burburart Shiro SFW ver. by burburartInvisible wall by burburart
Digital drawing of a character till waist
with simple
/transparent  background
Resolution ~2000 px on longest side
Extra character +100%
Detailed background +15-30$ 
Extra version (change emotions/details/clothes/undress/dress up) +10-20$


Holo x Kokonoe by burburart Happy Halloween by burburart Happy New Year by burburart
Digital drawing of a character till thighs
with simple
/transparent  background
Resolution ~2500 px on longest side
Extra character +100%
Detailed background +25-50$ 
Extra version (change emotions/details/clothes/undress/dress up) +10-30$


    Yang Xiao Long by burburart  Sion dakimakura by burburartLily kitsune by burburart 
CereCere by burburart Dimension of Monster Girls - Reina Kraken by burburart
  Digital drawing of a character in all height
with simple/transparent  background
Resolution ~3000 px on longest side
Extra character +100%
Detailed background +40-60$ 
Extra version (change emotions/details/clothes/undress/dress up) +10-40$



Your original characters, copyrighted characters, full nudity, sexual themes, fetishes, OC x Canon, Canon x Canon pairings, mild violence, BDSM, vore, gore (until it's on acceptable for me level).

! If you want me to draw your friend's OC as surprise for them, 
the owner of the character should give me a written permission first.

In someone else's style.
Real people, furry, mecha and other complicated things with too much details, extreme gore/vore, scat, excessive bodily fluids,
inflation/pregnant/excessive muscle/extreme obesity, macro/hyper body parts, penetration that I feel goes beyond reality.

Feel free to message and ask me if I'm able to draw something not listed above.


If you are interested in commissioning me please send me a note or an e-mail to
 with following information:

1. Type of commission (fullbody/headshot/etc)
2. Name and visual reference of character/s
3. Desired pose/expression for the character/s
4. Important details that need attention
5. Deadlines if you have any


1. I will only accept visual references for commissions. No need to send me dozens of images, a few is enough.

2. You are allowed to back up the images with short written descriptions. Keep them to the point please and keep them to visual descriptions only.

 Description and image references of desirable emotion, pose and mood of the drawing are really appreciated. 

4. If you don't have any images of your character yet but are looking for a reference sheet, please write me and we'll discuss if it is feasible.


1. I retain the ownership of the images. As such, I reserve the right to use the illustrations as part of my portfolio, post them to my social media accounts, and so on. Ownership of characters remains with the rightful owners.

2. The commissioner may post the picture to other sites, but are required to list a proper credit, either by referencing my username "burburart", and/or by directly linking to one of my official art pages, like Deviantart.

3. Extra charge for private commission is 30%. 

4.  Extra charge for commercial use illustrations is up to 100%. If you credit me as an artist and grant me permission to post the illustration to my galleries then extra charge will be lower.

5.  Extra charge for urgent commissions is 50-100% depending on deadline. Urgent orders will be proceeded in priority.  


1. Prices described above are in U.S. dollars. Please use a currency converter to check how much prices are in your currency:

2. All final prices are calculated individually. 

3. I accept full prepayment before I start the work.
Partial payment is available for regular commissioners for orders over 200$.

4. Payment via Payoneer only.
Transactions between Payoneer users are free. Payment via credit card is available with 3% fee.

5. Commissioner pays for transaction fee. 

 After you request the commission, you have up to THREE DAYS to send me the information and payment. If payment has not been received after three days, your commission will be cancelled. 

7.  I can refund 100% of the payment only if I have not started working on the sketch. If you're not satisfied with the sketch, you can cancel your commission and get a 50% refund. Once I have proceeded with lineart, there will be no refunds.

 Commissioning me means you have read, understand, and will comply with the terms listed above.

To-Do list

1. Tellu - coloring

2. Felix - coloring

3. Pit and Palutena - coloring

4. OC Caesar - coloring

5. Uchoten - sketch/hold

6. Slavegirl - coloring

7. Mipha - coloring

Last update 06.11.18

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