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Yugioh Shimeji's

UPDATE (17.9.12)

all in one set here : [link]

Weevil LINK NOW UP :)

NOTE: guys i put a lot of time in to getting this finished yes not all of them are mine but ALL have been modded by me to make them my own all images have been changed in some way and most have had a different behaveyer added SO PLEASE DO NOT SAY I HAVE STOLE ANY OF MY WORK FROM ANY ONE AS I HAVE NOT AND ONES THAT DO NOT BELONG TO ME SAY WHO THEY BELONG TO AND THERE ONLY THERE WITH THE OWNERS PERMITION !!!!

All of the Yu-Gi-Oh shimeji's i have so far :)


Dark magician Shimeji:
Rex Raptor Shimeji:
New Bakura Shimeji:
New Yugi Shimeji:
Seto Kaiba Shimeji:
joey Shimeji:
(not finished yet)
Yugi Shimeji:
Blue Eyes Shimeji:
Weevil Underwood Shimeji:
Old Bakura:
Kiribo Shimeji:
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yugi does not serve me

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Would you be able to make one of Alexis Rhodes?

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What do they do when the computer is turned off? Also, are they safe? I really want the dark magician one, but I'm apprehensive........
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i really love the little seto <3 
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the blue eyes and the dark magician wont work for me please help it would be appreciated
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if when you launch the file named "shimeji " try to click on the file java :3 for it's with that kaiba have worked ^^
ZetaReborn's avatar
the blue eyes wont work for me and the dark magician wont also work for me any help would be nice
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why does joey look like a re-clothed toon link?
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That's not Joey xD
Jashin325's avatar
it says right in the post that its joey...
Lapiidot's avatar
well it does look like toon link then XD
XxsakuracrystalxX's avatar
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right click and run as admin if you are on windows vista/7/8 if your on xp you would first need an admin account google it but ye thats ho that works or you could just use my all in one pack which is one of the best so fare 
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I zoomed in 500% on the images in the folder you uploaded of my work, and my work, and there is not a single pixel of difference.  No images were replaced.  Not one.  You never asked my permission to post this, and I'm betting you sure didn't ask the pixiv artists who don't speak English to edit theirs and claim credit for yourself.
Meeps's avatar
Hi, I'm the maker of the Yuugi shimeji (the one on the right), and I downloaded "your" version to see what differences there were, because you said there WERE differences.  You say you modified the images in some way to make them yours, but I'm noticing absolutely no difference between the one I put days of work into and the one you're claiming credit for.  Could you please show me proof that you did in fact mod it in some way?  :/  I'm kind of upset about my creation being posted without credit and credit being taken by someone else.
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I'm sorry but clearly you didn't "zoom in 500%" as if you did you would see that there are more frames there different positions the eyes are different and there are sub changes to the colors its clearly not my foot if you don't have HD monitors and a low quality preseason on MY work and thats the end of this conversation if you try to harass me again or right on any of my work with this sort of messaging i will have YOUR account closed end of...
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Kiribo won't work for me... :(
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download the all in one set and try that link in the description 
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Does anyone know if there are some tutorials on how to make shimejis? I want to make myself a Mokuba one :)
deviantdivergence's avatar
could you give me the link when you're done? i can always use mokie running around my screen! thank you!
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google it or youtube there are a few good tot's on youtube 
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Omg, thank u so much for making these!!!! I just downloaded the Seto Kaiba one, and now I have two cute little Kaiba's running on my screen!! Wait, make that three!! ^^
Eeeeek!!! So cute!!! (If it wasn't obvious by now, Kaiba is my fave character from Yu-Gi-Oh!!)

Hehe, again thanks for these!! :)
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