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Shoulda Been Studying

By buraisuko
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~_~ i love you guys but i have midterms coming up!!!
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PizzicatohHobbyist Traditional Artist
I should be studying right now too, though I must say, it's your fault for keeping me stuck in your gallery. Interesting style!
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I really like the overall composition and simple color scheme. Eye catching!
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HAHAHAH the face! it's so cute!
it throws me off!
the whole dark and then POOF!
the lovely face. it's fantastic.

i should be studying too ): how's life?
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wedgejaegerHobbyist General Artist
I should be studying right now, but I'm looking at your art about you not studying... irony? coincidence? or relative terms pushing a comparison?
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MukkiProfessional Filmographer
ahhhhh midterrrrrrmsssss!!! >_< gluck!!
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ayuICHIHobbyist General Artist
Very adorable. xD;
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exdevlinHobbyist Digital Artist
hiragana katakana midterms? I hope not. They'll be dead simple! Good luck on the rest of your midterms!! (.. speaking of which... *runs off to cram before tonight's midterm*)
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CRGuardianHobbyist Writer
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The wolves still eat those who study all their lives.
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curry23Professional Digital Artist
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mid-terms!!?Nooooooooooooooo!!i cant to be w/o ur artwork!TwTcome back in one piece!^^
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belovedfamousProfessional Traditional Artist
cool static drawing
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VicariousRedHobbyist General Artist
erm... your 'nu' and 'mu' are reversed...
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Ana-Hi Writer
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VicariousRedHobbyist General Artist
wooten. am also learning katakana/japanese. have a midterm on monday actually.

sharing because I can.

Ganbatte buraisuko-san!
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youre so awesome
thats cool as balls
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I see you mean study for the Japanese alphabet.. ^^
good luck with mid terms!
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SilveraxeProfessional Digital Artist
cool! :D i like the perspective.

i can totally understand you T_T i just had my art history exam :B
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TheHolyOnesHobbyist Digital Artist
HA. I say that all the time, but it never gets done. XD
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LMAO good stuff man
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katakana~ >_> I CAN READ ALL THAT. HUHUHU. \o/ and WORK HARD SEMPAI. You shall succeed~ :3333

P.S. Love the little sushi guy x]
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Omigah. The random mushroom is so hawt. I wish i could read all that...DDD:

Yes, yes, I find that studying helps when you're going to take a test. xD Awww...>3>
Good luck on those icky tests...DDDD:

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i like it :D

good luck ^^
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good luck on your midterms~~
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