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Roqaya, just call me Bunny.
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
hiya you awesome people! my name is roqaya, you can call me bunny if you want, i am an artist...I'm not really good at art it's been just 7 years, [I'M 13 YEARS OLD] i'm a starter in art..Not really at the same time, i used to draw in MS paint [don't judge] but now i use fire alpaca, it's a free art program i use! it's better anyway, Hope you Enjoy being here!

i draw a lot of undertale and mlp, not really a fan of FNAF, since it's...w-well..y'know, and i also like to draw anything :)





Eddsworld [MAFIA UNIVERSE] - Tord
an AU i created- i love him XDDD he looks too much like a snake and that's the pOINT- 

Character Tord doesn't belong to me but belongs to a show called Eddsworld created by Edd Gould, This is an AU only
It's okay, It's alright ... [creepy-pasta?]
This character is a male,
Age 16,
Name is Jesse,
likes : everything that is eatable and tasty. playful toys that aren't for girls [his parents don't want a gay son but to bad he's bi XD] and is curious for anything that is in front of him
dislikes : vegetables, guilt and horror movies, they scare him a lot. girls, who likes cooties? ew! bullies, they are the worst. being picked on and thunder. very claustrophobic.
flaws : he's snobby. anxiety runs through him but rarely. selfish
personality : he's the type of guy that is too optimistic for his own good. hides his emotions for good or bad. doesn't give an F for his neighbors [more details later] hates his homophobic aunt [for reasons]. his curiosity takes him to danger [explains the running away part well] tries to learn from his past slowly but is selfish [not very tho, he feels sympathy for people who fight fights they don't deserve like cancer depression and anxiety etc.]

story [a lot of details of the story are gonna be in wattpad. this is short XD]
Jesse had a great family but he was too spoiled for his own good, Every time his parents refuse to give him what he wants he runs away from home, But he always comes back, One day he never came back, his parents grew worried and worried, The mother and father searched for their 13 year old child and vanished, The child came back home with a hurt knee, He was bleeding and the butler quickly rushed to take him, The butler explained what has happened, His parents left when he came back and it's been an hour passed and they're still missing, The boy started to panic because the news started 2 days later explaining a mother and a father were found dead in the ground in front of the street, The neck of the mother was gushed open flesh showing and almost some meat was missing, The father only had his head and his body is missing, Of course there were no details OF the meat and all that because it's too morbid to say, Later that day the little boy attended the funeral with a numb face, His aunt was standing there with her husband sadden by the fact the boy was alone, the memory of his aunt and uncle are blurred to him because he grew up in the house for 2 years and had enough and decided to run away. he reached an abandoned factory that was suspiciously next to the spot his parents died but what caught his attention was how abnormal is the location of this place is. there's houses around it like it doesn't exist, it was too confusing to say the least and it didn't really matter at the time. he camped in that place for a week, then a month, then 3 months and finally his birthday. he turned 16 and he celebrated it by visiting the butler, the butler was happy to see him and his aunt gave him a bear hug but again the memories were blurred because what happened next scarred him. he came back to his 'home' and snuggled to sleep but something caught his eye. a slender like figure that had the body of a stick but a face of a psychotic man stood in front of him. grinning widely. the man was murmuring and finally said 'you're the kid who was lost right? your parents are dead right? right?" this man was getting closer and repeated that at least 2 times before he said "i killed them and i loved their faces! i loved their faces! haha!" he started laughing and without hesitation the boy ran away crying, all his life the boy always ran away, it always saved him but this time it didn't, the man ran up to him like he had seen something he Desired . his tongue sticking out like he wanted to suck the blood out of this kid. jesse started to weaken from his knee because of thee incident. hestarted shouting for help and neighbors came out to see a helpless kid running for fear. before he could explain the man yanked him back to the darkness now on top of him making sure there's no escape. the man laughed and said "y'know this is funny! you remind me awfully like your mother! haha! your mother was hilarious! she tried and tried and trieeeeeddd-" the man was cut short by the boy screaming at him saying "what do you want you old man!?" the man laughed and said "i'm not that old little boy! i'm thankfully 18! hehee! but now it comes to you..will you listen or die boy?" the little child flinched and stopped crying and gave up. he tiredly said "i-i'll do anything..just..j-just don't kill me" the man grinned and said in a creepy voice "excellent choice boy". after that jesse was trained. he was like a hit man that was forced to be a hit man for his life. he killed parents but mostly parents. him and the killer who has the name of oliver. oliver wasn't as evil as he thought. he was just drowning in regret and revenge. smily [the nickname of jessie] yet needs to find out..

WHOA! now i know the story seems off from here and there. but i'm gonna full on write it  : )
also...baldi is triggered | bbieal Mr.Hippo - Thinking <------------ idk it's hilarious to me XD

Simon - Icon 
are you crying? | VOLTRON [KLANCE?? WARNING]
So if lance has a mental breakdown in Keith's room? my god i made lance look heart broken OH NO!! and also.. WHY DID KEITH IGNORE LANCE? LOOK AT THIS GIF IT'LL SHOW THE CLIP 147  147  147 

143 144 146 145 34 Lance Wtf Plz Lance Cry Plz Lance wtf Plz Lance Happy Plz Lance reaction plz 
also him i guESS [he ignored by son but he's still cool in my book -_-]
ANGRY Keith 37 65 67 Keef Pouty Plz 162 43 161 153 160 

GASPKeef Shook Plz 

characters shown here [lance (c) & keith (c)] are from a show called voltron by dreamworks
art by me

we all heard and known that rose killed pink diamond...but did she?
zircon said that it may have been one of the diamonds, but i don't think so, i think it was pink pearl, idk why i just get this feeling of it, here this is why i think it was her
zircon said "wouldn't her pearl say *MYYY DIAMMMOONDDD*" yeah she could have said that but why?! why would she do that?!, well here's why

white diamond told pink diamond that her pearl is useless, pink diamond refused until she agreed to shatter pink pearl, pink pearl knew that this day will come, in the war pink pearl called all the gems who were protecting pink to go fight, pink stepped out to see where were her protection, as rose wanted to attack a pearl did the job, pearl had no choice, shatter pink diamond and suspect rose for it!, sadly some of pink diamonds saw pearl do it, pearl ran away as far as her legs go, and she found a ruby, the ruby was confused but pearl bumped onto ruby and fused, then the fusion started to hurt those Solders until they shattered, they un-fused and they looked at each other confused and kinda blush[y]
then when everyone suspected rose so pearl was fine, they started to fuse a lot that some gem saw her and told the diamonds!, she fell to kinder garden and stayed there for years..

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