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Andruin Recap - 11 - Saving the Princess
    He sprinted beneath a passing horse so quickly, it didn't spook until he was well across the busy street. Though Efron was a full dire silver fox, he looked to be a black and silver dog to everyone he passed. And he passed like lightning. Far faster then any horse could ever ride and thrice as agile.
    It was deep night now. Since Layla no longer lived at their apartments, Efron ran toward the only place he knew for sure she'd be at this hour. The last place he'd ever go if he was in his right mind: His father-in-law's. General Aurelius Thal'Narren's gated—and now very guarded—home.
    If Efron was thinking tactically, he might have followed the scent of Tahiri's stolen hide. But Efron wasn't so much thinking as he was acting on instinct. That scent, though strong enough to follow, would have wound its way too long through the streets. Eating up precious time. He took the gamble and lost the scent while taking the straightest route. The gamble paid off and the scent
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The Pain Killers - Cassandra by bunnystick The Pain Killers - Cassandra :iconbunnystick:bunnystick 13 0 Andruin Illustration 5 - Protecting the Witch by bunnystick Andruin Illustration 5 - Protecting the Witch :iconbunnystick:bunnystick 8 9
Andruin Recap - 10 - To Rescue a Hennessy
    There were no lights lit at the house. Not even in Issac's office window where he tended to burn out the most oil, night or day. His house looked undisturbed from the outside. His door unlocked, which wasn’t terribly strange. But the silence... The four let themselves in and saw a whole different scene. There had clearly been a struggle here. Even without being changed, Efron tasted the blood and silver in the air. "Papa?" Efron sprinted past his friends to check upstairs and found Issac's office was a wreck. It's probably where the scuffle started. That room was the worst. Everyone searched the house but there was no sign of Efron's father. According to Efron, his father must have been taken alive. The blood wasn't his and his scent could be followed out the door. Unfortunately it was two days old at least. Terrian, Thorren, and Vareth awaited his orders on what to do from here. Efron was torn between following the scent or seeing to Nelus and his sister-in-law, Xenia. It wa
:iconbunnystick:bunnystick 2 9
Efron the Werefox by bunnystick Efron the Werefox :iconbunnystick:bunnystick 20 10
Andruin Recap - 9 - Breaking the Honeypot
    The gates at the wall, where every merchant, traveler, and citizen had to pass through, where as busy as ever. The sentries there always had their hands full checking papers, cargo, and people. Kelnorel lead the way through all of it. Much to the outrage of those who had been waiting there forever. When they got the ear of a high ranking sentry, Kelnorel barked his cavalry designation and orders in elven. Keeping the details of the mission and their prisoner vague. That kind of information was only for men high up. Terrian gripped securely onto Vanyard's reins, looking as intimidating as usual. Efron kept a wary eye on the crowd. The ones who were riled didn't worry him. It was the ones who weren’t that did. They got the clearance to go and didn't waste a moment before they galloped past the sentry. Nearly knocking him over in their haste.
    They rode fast and tried to avoid well populated areas that would slow them down on their way to the East Gate Garrison. But soon Efro
:iconbunnystick:bunnystick 3 7
Andruin Recap - 8 - Fight with Fae and Friends
    They rode along the path the next morning and into the early afternoon. Anxious with anticipation for an ambush. Nashala had seethed since the goblin herald left the camp and she was hardly trying to hide it. If she spoke to anyone at all it was likely Kelnorel. But as far as Efron could tell, she had kept to herself. Acting willfully unpleasant—and to Efron specifically—since they left the farmstead. Howling of those wolves raked across the silence between them all. Surrounding them with the din. The foul creatures made themselves plain not long after the group stopped and closed in a defensive formation around Master Vanyard. Goblins emerged from the bush brandishing blade and bow. And finally a great hulking mass of humanoid earth rose from the path ahead of them. To that, Efron shifted into a werefox. Since the loss of their companion, no one had even broached the painful subject with Nashala. And now that they were facing a perilous battle ahead, Efron felt the nee
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Lol, I really need to update the main site. People probably think  I died in Sandy at this point ^_^()
Hey loves <3 currently I'm moving into my new home. I've a sketch or two I plan to post once I get my printer back up and running. Thanks for the well wishes and friendly hellos!

:heart: [commish info: art & pixels] :heart:

While I realize I've posted a whole lot of nothing much,
I'm officially announcing my hiatus until February.
Holiday. Wedding. Honeymoon. You know the deal.

I am collecting suggestions for pixel bases!

(say whaaaa...?)

When I return from my honeymoon I'd like to return with some bases for the community to enjoy. I've seen the work y'all do on my bases through the mention option on DA and I'd like to give back to the community that's given me so much! :heart:
Realize that I won't be able to get to every suggestion, but I am most certainly going to return from my honeymoon with some pixel bases. What better place to gather what the community wants then by asking?

Pass on the good word that Bunnystick needs Base Suggestions!
The suggestions I end up using will get mention credit for their contributions.

Happy Holidays and have a thrilling New Year!
I'll see you all in Feb!

:heart: - Bobby
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I'm a bad artist. Duh.


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