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Deviation Actions

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I am the owner of JrResearcher-LolaNova's blog, and the youtube channel cmtsk8er. I am sorry for being immature and unprofessional.

"As of 5pm central standard time, I have willingly removed the video.
To say that I took things to personally and over reacted is an understatement. I didn't get that everyone was upset at the overal tone of the video.
It was immature to make the "fuck you".gif and stupid to post it here. I was letting off steam, tumblr was down, my friends where busy, and was just here hating everyone and everything around me at the time. But that is no excuse for how unprofessional I acted. I shouldn't have ever posted it any where on the internet. I'll take it down from here and DeviantArt once I am done writing this.
To the SCP Foundation in particular, I am so sorry for all the commotion I caused and the complete breach in policy. I should have read the FAQ page and studied the Creative Commons law before I ever began drawing up the characters. I never ment to take credit for making any of the characters used in the video.
If any of the actual writers on the site that commented on the video and feel that I have blown you off or disrespected you in any way, I am truly sorry. I donI do have to point out there is only one comment that was almost helpful ended with "Hate to be harsh man, but let it die."
Instead of sitting around hating everything I decided to blow off some steam by making this. I do want to look kind of professional so that's why I didn't post this as a video on youtube (probably not the best choice) I'm getting actual constructive criticisms on my video now and I will follow it. I'm not usually this attached to my work like this, but after getting nothing but "stop what your doing" and "this is god awful" it's hard to keep a strait face. I'm in the process of detaching my self worth from this cartoon as we speak.
On the other hand, I'm actually impressed at the turn out it's getting. I've never had this much attention on anything I put on the internet in such a short t don't trust what youtube users claim to be. I never meant to disrespect you in any way. In fact, I worship you. You guys have more writing tallent in your left thumb then I can ever hope for in my entire life.
If there is anything elce I can do to fix the situation, please tell me as soon as possible.  

"The original can be seen here jrreasearcher-lolanova.tumblr.…
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I'm K.P. Crow, one of the Admins of the SCP Foundation.

I'd like to apologise on part of many of the commenters from the SCP wiki who went above and beyond normal criticism and began harassing, trolling and attacking you directly. I'd like to state that this is not the kind of behaviour we at the SCP Wiki endorse, and from now on, those who participate in such actions from now on will be banned from the wiki.

I appreciate that you are dealing with this in a more mature manner now, and we resolve to do the same from now on.
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Apology is more than accepted. I am honord that you took the time to go out of your way to contact me. Thank you for being as mature about this as I should have been earlier.
Please don't ban the one that goes by BarondePencier on youtube. We've talked over privet messages he has been respectful and very considerate about this whole thing.