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Officer Judy Hopps with Battle Droid

Judy Hopps takes a selfie with her Battle Droid to upload on Facebook, even though the Republic might see.
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EmmetEarwax's avatar
The situation with the Republic will never be resolved. Not with all those planets involved in it.
PapiTrooper's avatar
Very cute ! Lovely !
JustinGlowala's avatar
Hopefully they don't come 
BunnyInquisitor's avatar
Funny thing is, the Clone Wars has been over for years already...
JustinGlowala's avatar
Really? Wow droids aren't very good at keeping up to date are they?
Sparkit3ct's avatar
Dayum, that droid would've had to survive the elements for like over 400 years to be in good condition in modern day Earth
JustinGlowala's avatar
Hopefully the Republic dosent arrive although I love the Republic
BunnyInquisitor's avatar
We took good care of them here in Zootopia. 
giftheck's avatar
And if the Republic did invade?

Judy: Uh-oh...
Battle Droid: Roger, roger!
freddyfazbea's avatar
The republic would have been the empire at this time. :)
Unknownman010's avatar
Hold up a sec....if Zootopia United with the Separatists, does that technically mean that the see the Galactic Republic, and with them, the Jedi as enemies?
TheScarletMercenary's avatar
Where did she get the battle droid?!
Dogefoge's avatar
What if the Separtists find out about this?
BunnyInquisitor's avatar
Zootopia was allied to the Separatists during the Clone Wars tho :c
Dogefoge's avatar
Does Anakin still slaughter the Separatists to end the war like Darth Sidious told him too?
BunnyInquisitor's avatar
Nah, The Clone Wars is long over and the droids are Zootopian property now, not Separatist :3
Unknownman010's avatar
I think you're missing a point. What Dogefoge was trying to say was, "In Revenge of the Sith, the Separatists were slaughtered by Darth Vader. They have to be slaughtered. Otherwise this can no longer be Star Wars. This will be unfit to be called Star Wars." Battle Droids came from the Star Wars universe. The Jedi are not enemies or bad people. They are the guardians of peace and Justice who were betrayed by the Galactic Republic in Revenge of the Sith when Darth Sidious ordered the Clone Troopers to wipe out the Jedi. Heck he even betrayed the Separatists by sending Darth Vader to Slaughter them. And he also ordered Vader to send orders to the droid control ships to order all of the droids in the galaxy to shut down. Remember that from Revenge of the Sith?
SandersonFromMadness's avatar
Not all of them. Don't get me wrong, I hate star wars, but a number of separatists, at least two, survived that attack.
Dogefoge's avatar
So Zootopia took the droids from the Separatists after they were murdered by Anakin and reprogrammed the droids for Zootopia?
BunnyInquisitor's avatar
No the Separatists left many droids behind when they left Zootopia in a hurry during the end of the war, so we had the left over droids repurposed
Prowlfan1011's avatar
So that's where those droids ended up, better to work with the local law enforcement and live among the populace than being destroyed.
Demotan's avatar
Be prepared for a long trip of the galactic civil war including, rogue one, rebels, Darth Vader slaughtering millions, even clones and droids being forced to work together.
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