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Amber ring pack 1

Packed file containing five high resolution images of a silver ring with amber from different angles. Second pack contains the same ring worn in hand.

Download for full sized pics.

Pack 2


Stock rules in short:

:bulletgreen: For deviantART users only!
:bulletgreen: Always credit us and provide a link back to the original stock.
:bulletgreen: Not for commercial use without permission!
:bulletgreen: No violence/hate/gore/fetish art
:bulletgreen: Do not use our stock to create a new stock!

For more detailed rules, go here: [link]

Be creative and have fun! :wave:
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Hi! I used your stock here:…

Thank you!
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This ring is beautiful ♥ I used it here [link], but I think there is a problem with one of your rules because I used a picture from a TV show. I'm not sure and I'm french so sorry, I may have not understood everything. If it is a problem, I'll modify my work.
And thank you for this beautiful stock !
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Hmmmm, well, since the photo from Merlin (yes, the other of our contributors ~Lenedict happens to watch it, too! And Gwaine is her favourite character, as a matter of fact.) is copyrighted (as we assume it is), we're not quite comfortable with our stock being used there, that mainly because we want to encourage fellow artists to respect copyright laws when creating new, even if the used resources are from some "big and wealthy" company etc., like BBC in this case. We count promotional pictures and other official photos, posters and such into this; for example, if the used photo was a screenshot the artist themselves have taken, instead of official picture, it would be fine (at least by us), since there was no actual photographer needed. But in this case I'm afraid we need to ask you to replace our stock with some other, even though it doesn't precisely remove the actual problem (as explained). We just want to be clear with these rules, so I hope you got a better answer for what we are aiming for with that exact rule :) The work itself is absolutely wonderful, it looks really great! We hope you continue creating such beautiful art, but of course preferably with resources that are allowed for using :)

Thanks for the link to your work and being honest with the issue, we appreciate it! :heart:
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(Gwaine is totally amazing !)
Of course I understand. And you're welcome, it's normal to respect your work and demand and to be honest. I wasn't sure, I asked and I have a answer that I understand and will respect. I always done fan-art (I began with that), for fan-fiction and RPG and I understand your point of view. And then I've discovered DeviantArt and begin to use resources which aren't celebrities or something like that. :) Maybe one day I'll use your ressources in one of them !
It is okay if I modify it tomorrow ? I'm not at home, and I think I'm gonna use my own ring (which looks like yours) even if I'm a bad photographer.

Thank you for your answer, and for your comment about my work, it's really nice :):heart:
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Thank you. ♥
Used here: [link]
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Hi, thanks for the link, great to see what you've done!
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:hug: anytime and thank you :D
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Heya, your fantastic stock has been used here:

Thank you :blowkiss:
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Hi there, thanks a bunch for the link! We'll check it out!
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Thanks for the link, we'll check it out!
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Used it here [link]
thank you for sharing :)
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Most welcome, thanks for the link! Will add your work to our collection!
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