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Steam Powered Giraffe Red Core 007

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This is wonderful
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I am a huge fan of Steam Powered Giraffe and when my Lady friend told me you were an artist here on DA I... Well…
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your name misled me into thinking im talking to the real bunny.....darn it...why...?
but aghhh i saved this on my phone...i can so relate
NotATameLion's avatar
Ahhhh man I cried. 
TwistedSteelPony's avatar
I don't know how to say it, but this is very powerful. I'm looking forward to more.
Amynhotep's avatar
I'm just choking on Rabbit's expression in the last panel for some reason. I think it's the very wide eyes, the large lips, and the somehow innocent look that makes it amusing to me. Still though, I love what you do and I hope you continue :>
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I love this comic :love:
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I love your mind. It's beautiful. (As if that were a surprise.)
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"I eat cats" and the frowny face flower XD
SuperSpyro7956's avatar
I will never understand why I find the final panel funny. Nice art though! Really excited for page 8
DreamWithinTheHeart's avatar
Awww rabbit...... ;A; 
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I love this comic so much!
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Ahaha! I absolutely love it, Bunny. "Well Pappy was sorta busy dying at the time", y'know they say dying is the leading cause of death ^w^
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I love this! Such a good allegory for the real issue,it makes you think :)
lordturtlemonk's avatar
That... is some classic stuff right there. 

Also happened to see this as the newest deviation to DA lol. 

I love these comics.
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