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Ruru and Kiikii

By bunnily
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Couples are hard cause I always get so lazy o|-<.
Not sure how the colours are lookin` cause I got a new laptop so I'm hoping it`sall fione and dandy..!
I'm sorry your bb's are all sparkly honeyboo sawbs. Brb as I crawl away now and drown in my sparkles

Ruru (left) belongs to :iconmilkbobbi: and Kiikii (right) belongs to :iconkiiseki: wehe
Please do not use this without permission!
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© 2013 - 2020 bunnily
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so adorable bunni ; M ;
bunnily's avatar
thank u bb ;V ;
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aww thwy looks so cutee! great job
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Thank you seiboo :iconkissinguplz: <33333333
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You have the most elegant style i ever see~ *o*
Love it! <3333
bunnily's avatar
B`awww, thank you Nefaire ; v ;. You're so kind iskgfdgs /hugs/
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You're very welcome! X'D
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Miss your art, love the update and nicely done!
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Gah thank you!! Welp, I had a broken laptop until a few days ago ; u ;
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I love color ! very well done , one fav for you 

- Daikazoku63 
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Thank you Daikazoku!! ; v ; <3
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This is so pretty, you have such a cute art style!
bunnily's avatar
Thank you!! ; v ;
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You finished /claps lol 8D
bunnily's avatar
:iconzxcvbnmplz: ONLY TOOK ME 10 YEARS BUT S`ALL GOOD
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AHdsgfs??? THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL :icontearplz: ; Q ; //jumps off a cliff
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weheeeeeeheheee. Your bb is supa supa adorbs I hope I drew him right amg!!
Milkiemoe wouldn't let me pay her for her bootiful commissions so I ended up drawing something so
that she has to accept sawbs. Tell her to let me throw money at her crais
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; Q ; Ahh thank you and he looks great
LOL oh dear I'll tell her that but then I'd probably do that too OTL
bunnily's avatar
She said that if I sent it, she'll send it back
til Paypal takes all the fees....... weep... I can so see her doing that;;;;
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omg is she satan /shot ; v ; I can as well..
bunnily's avatar
LOLLLLLLL. She's too nice to be Satan Q uQ. Nice and diabolical!!
kiiseki's avatar
LOL before Lucifer fell then? /shot
she's too bright ack :iconsparklesplz:
bunnily's avatar
I'M NOT SURE ABOUT LUCIFER'S STORY. BUT IF YOU SAY SO, SURE :icontearplz::iconsparklesplz:
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