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Trade with Moeki! I was granted permission to experiment.. a lot x ux)/// I had a lot of
troubles though.. I think I forgot how to paint so it took me a while to get everything down..
glad I pushed through and finished it --it took a lot of motivation to do so orz;;

Sorry for my really late responses and stuff.. I've been really busy with work;; And then school starts next week too ff--

Character belongs to =iRyoki Please do not use without permission
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Your style is really cute! :iconloveloveplz:
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wahhh, thank you!! <3
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Great way of coloring *-* My favourite
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uwah, thank you ; u ; <3
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I love the style of your drawings. ^ ^
They kinda looks so vivid and the character looks so lovely ^ ^
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Omg, your artwork is so pretty! i look forward to more of your work in the future. Kao-moji-01 (Banzai Hurray) [Emoji]  
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gahhh, thank you so much ; v ;!!!!
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Your style is so wonderful <3 I really love the warm coloring and the shading style. Amazing!
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Thank you * v *)////
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wow i really love how this piece was stylized! the long neck, head shape, and especially the face fit together in a really eye-catching manner :D
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wah, thank you!! I didn't realize how long I made the neck actually x)
I used to get critiqued to have the neck shortened but I guess old habits die hard!!
But I'm glad it works * U * now I don't have to fix that habit xD
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OH my gosh! Beautiful! <333 Her face is so precious looking. Such beautiful coloring. I NEED to commish you again soon.
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Hrngg, thank you darling ; u; )////
hopefully I can learn how to stay consistent in this style!!
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HNNNGH she's so pretty<333!:iconduckyrunplz:
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right right, Remi is super adorbs * v*
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This is sooo cuteee! :9 

/waits for you to open commissions~ 
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hfff, thanks~!! Ummm, maybe when I actually have more samples and a consistency x)!!
Nothing has been looking the same lately;;;; /throws random stuffs everywhere////
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LOLL Sureeee I can wait, especially my wallet can wait too /shot. ;u; 

/collects all the random arts. *3*

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The colouring is gorgeous! Lovely job!
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thanks * v*)///
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Wehhh bunnieee!! She looks so adorable! I really love how soft your paintings look! 
I especially love how you painted the cloth folds and her eyes and the roses! ^o^
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