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Adopt _BASS closed

By bunnily
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Second adoptable auction but since I cleared my gallery, lets just say it's my first xD. This one
here is based off a double bass. She's transparent near the middle so you can see her insides.
Her ends are more solid in color. Hope everything is self explanatory?! If not, just ask and I will
explain~ I really, really like her but I feel like I have too many OCs so I'm letting her go ; ___ ;.
No seriously, this design was created in April and I've finally decided to put her up OTL!!

This is a really rough colored version. You will receive a big version with nicer coloring!
Eye color choice is up to you and other changes are up to you too (I will not change it orz)
I might make minor changes for you.. if you ask me nicely!

- No re-selling!! If she is traded, let me know who she is traded to~
- Please do not claim her as your own! It's terribly rude to me!
- No bid retracting and please only bid what you have OTL
- There is a 30 minute anti-sniping rule thing going on too~
- Auction will end on Sunday (the 16th), 8:00 EST

This adoptable now belongs to :iconcactaceous:!!
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so beautiful Q A Q
I can imagine this character blending in with an detailed background * A *
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ehehehuhuhu, thank you ; vvvvvvvvv ; /clings
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This design is so cool and I love the transparency. Good luck selling C:
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Thanks * v *)///
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What a unique and beautiful design! I hope she sells well!
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thank youuuuuu <3
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oh stahp this, you put my guro bbs to shame

so amazin:iconpapcryplz:
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No you stahp. I'm raising money to get one of your bb's
but it was futileeeeeeeee :iconsawbplz:
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:iconblushinplz: you did it tho
youre too gr8

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huff your designs are gr8 man
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Sobbbbbbbbbbb, thank you bro!!
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:iconcannotevenplz: How long did it take you to make this?!? OAO
I don't usually see designs like this so this is really unique and beautiful *O*
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Umm.. a few hours here and there!! I had a basic concept that I wanted to go by and I have
a sketchbook full of concepts and designs that I just look through for inspiration * u *)b
Thank you loads ; v ;, you're too kind ! :iconpapcryplz:
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I'll bid $25

screams I love this and I totally need it ; a ;
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eeeeeeee~ The adoptable is now yours * U *!! Please send payment to bbobox@live.ca
I will send you the full version when I receive payment. Please take good care of her ; v ;!!
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