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  • Oct 12, 1992
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My Bio

Hello! My name is Bonnford!

I'm agender and I like mad scientists and spooky monster friends

-> Youtube: Bunni89

-> Twitch: Bunni89WasTaken

-> Twitter: Twumblunni

-> Tumblr: Tumblunni (no longer active)

-> Steam: DesJayus

-> Email: pineapplegrenade@rocketmail.com

Favourite Visual Artist
Softwareangel/Cosmivoyager, DemoReelSystem, Beezah
Favourite Games
Digimon World, Pokemon Legends Arceus
Favourite Gaming Platform
Switch, PC
Tools of the Trade
Mechanical pencil, paper, hand.
Other Interests
Current fave scrunkly grandpa: Dr Snap from DQMJ
God damn nooooo like right when I was starting to get optimistic about rejoining dA I've heard more about this AI art stuff and that I'd have to manually opt-out on every single one of 1600 deviations AND fill out a form that I can't fill out because it requires the email you registered your account with and that literally doesnt exist anymore, it was my school email from over a decade ago and people are saying the writing of the terms and conditions looks sus and it seems it can't actually guarantee your art wont be used in AI, its just including a note attatched to it requesting AI art services to not do it and relying entirely on the honor of the people using it auuuuuughhhhh so like.... the only way to be fully guaranteed to escape it all is to just delete my account I don't wanna do that I have so many years of memories!!! I'm gonna just try and not do anything rash yet, I'm gonna wait and watch and see if deviantart changes their rules and improves stuff, but then if its not
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Oh also, if I start posting here again, the vast majority of the art I've made over the last few years has been fanart of the character Dr Snap/Dr Snapped from dragon quest monsters joker. So I dunno if I should post that here or try and dig thru my art folder and only find original arts or fanarts of characters i'd already posted on deviantart before? ...hrrm, idk, they did just release Dr Snapped in a new app game so I'm likely gonna draw even more fanart of him now haha. Hard to fight that hype! So it might be best to upload all my previous stuff so people have context? I DUNNOOOOOOO I'm gonna just go upload a completely random something, idk
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Okay this changes the whole game, holy shit. Last time i tried to start using deviantart again I felt super discouraged by it seeming that journals no longer existed and we could only do status updates, and the notifications interface was also really hard to access. Honestly I loved being able to write big journals of my thoughts on stuff, its the thing ive missed the most while using twitter! (that and actually being able to archive all my previous images in an easy to access place, geez twitter why u eat my pics to the algorithm void) Also huh you can add pictures to journals and other formatting?? And even a title image?? HECK YEAH Okay darn gonna cross my fingers on how this whole AI thing pans out, really hoping it won't be a Site Ruiner like whats happening on twitter right now cos damn it would be nice to have a place to return to if twitter dies I think though if I do return here I need to do a big cleanup of my gallery and previous journals, because there's some stuff that I
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If you are interested in my puppets and the content of my videos, please subscribe to my YouTube channel


Pronounces? Oh! So you are stupid. Good to know

Happy Happy Birthday,
From all of us to you!!~
We wish it was our Birthday
So we could party too!!~
Super Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3D Super Fantastic Golden Platter Cake 3D 
It's good to see you back, and also thanks for all the faves x3
thanx for the uranium mons faves
hey there Bunni, long time no see, how'd you been